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Posted by Contour Coatings on December 3rd, 2019

Today, whenever we want to know about anything, we can easily search for it. No matter if it is the latest car or trendy clothes, social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest keeps us posted. But, when it comes to painting a house, we decide to go with the traditional and boring colours. Don’t you think that it’s the right time to ditch the traditional paint colours and experiment with the new ones? No matter, if the colour of your walls has started to fade away or is peeling, you should hire professional painters Lethbridge. You should say yes to the latest colours and paint the walls with them. But, if you don't know about the latest colour trends, read here to give a new look to your house. 

· Lilac grey: We know that dove grey is very decent and classy but, lilac grey is no less. Lilac grey add more drama and make grey shades warmer. So, if you add refreshing colours to your walls, you are going to love lilac grey. 

· Hazelnut: Do you like the hazelnut flavoured ice-cream or chocolates? If yes, you would like hazelnut paint on your walls too. This colour never goes out of style as it is considered as one of the most iconic colours. 

· Dark green: The dark green colour is the next interesting addition to this list. This colour is known as night watch and is officially the most paint colour of 2019. It doesn’t matter if you want to paint your house or office, a dark green colour can perfectly complement anything. 

· Soft clay: If you like soft and light colours, paint your walls with soft clay. This colour is for people who are full of life and are wanderlust.

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