Umrah Packages Including Flights From UK

Posted by Ady on December 3rd, 2019

Performing umrah is the dream of every Muslim. It’s the occasion of extreme joy and spirituality for Muslims. But what makes the pilgrimage even more satisfying and peaceful? Quality accommodation and travel options. Flights being top of the list when it comes to travel because it is the beginning of the spiritual journey. Therefore, it has to be comfortable. With hundreds of travel agents present in the UK, some of them don’t include flights in the package price when booking umrah packages from Bristol or any other city. Therefore, to avoid any sort of inconvenience, always hire umrah packages including flights.

Here are a few things to know before booking a flight through your travel agent.

Return flights are a compulsion

Booking return flights is the compulsion made by Saudia Arabia’s ministry of Hajj and Umrah. In order to get an umrah/hajj visa, you have to show the proof of your return flights. Therefore, always book return flights.

Always compare market rates

Comparing market rates is the key. Do your homework. Explore various deals offered by all the different airlines. Match affordability. Read the reviews. Then go for the one that perfectly suits your needs and budget.

Prefer early morning flights

Early morning flights not only have lesser chances of delays but are also a little cheaper. Hence, always book early flights for your umrah/hajj trips.

Claim flight discounts from your travel agent

Travel agents work with all sorts of airlines, all around the year. They often get special discounts and rewards as a result of consistent business from a variety of airlines. However, travel agents will only give you those benefits upon asking.

Connecting flights are cheaper

Connecting flights are usually cheaper. On the negative side, delays can be common. So, if you have plenty of time available you can book indirect flights. However, if you are on a budget and only have a few days off from work/studies then direct flights are the best option.

Get advantage of Holiday Season; Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter

The holiday season has a lot of advantages for you if you are planning to perform umrah or hajj during it. Not only you easily get plenty of holidays from work/studies but also the flights as well as umrah packages are cheaper. Therefore, you can book luxury accommodation and traveling facilities at an affordable rate.

Prices are high during Ramadan

Prices are usually high during the month of Ramadan. As a lot of Muslims are traveling internationally to go back home or even going for umrah. So, to manage such a large amount of people, prices rise. If you are planning to book umrah Ramadan packages 2020, then you should do it at least 4-5 months before. So that you can get quality hotel accommodation, traveling, and living amenities.

Booking an all-inclusive package for umrah/hajj is a safe option. As it frees you from the stress of hotel/flight reservations and you can easily perform umrah or hajj with complete devotion.