Development history of BLCOK BOTTOM BAG

Posted by sere on December 4th, 2019

FAST SINCERE has always been the main market in Europe and the United States. Since 2014, we have been providing direct supply to many dealers in Europe and America, because for now, the whole of China and even the whole world, FAST SINCERE is the one one seems to be simple in this. The product line has been working hard from discovering products to research and development machinery to the dream of driving the global market to use this product.

The square bottom bag, which we call BLOCK BOTTOM BAG, is called Blokbodemzakken in the etherlands, and it is called Blockbodenbeutel in Germany. In the United States, it is called CELLO BAG or CRYTAL BAG. We always wanted to find a more suitable name. In FLAT BAG and BLOCK BOTTOM BAG, we finally decided to use BLCOK BOTTOM BAG, because in FLAT BAG, most of us look for FLAT BAG is basically a composite product, which is contrary to FAST SINCERE. The original intention of developing this product is to reduce the amount of plastic used.

Our raw materials are in cooperation with WF (domestic-level film manufacturing company), especially for us to customize OPP double-sided heat sealing materials, so its cost price is higher, WF first-class management system control, for our quality requirements With the best guarantee, they provide all the raw materials in compliance with the standard test report, migration report, and the fastest, most direct and best service and the greatest help from the raw materials to the film process/transport/management of each batch of materials.


They provide us with a 0.02mm film so that we can achieve the best transparency of the product on the square bottom bag of the composite product, and also provide a single layer of 0.04mm double-sided composite product, so that we can achieve the heat sealing degree, so that the bag is enough Strong. Now we also have some thickness materials of 0.05 and 0.06 as regular products.       


As the needs of customers continue to change and increase, each guest has their own pursuit, they require us to print their logo on the product, and even more exotic and interesting products. Sometimes I am very afraid that our two nine-color printing combined with 18 colors will not meet the requirements of these customers. But FAST SINCERE did it, and the two nine-color presses achieved 100% of the products in one pass with the help of two printing inspection machines. In addition to testing machinery, we use the best copper plate manufacturers and high temperature inks to prevent the ink from falling off under high temperature heat sealing to ensure product quality.


We hired a professional designer, the simple LOGO map customers do not have to ask the design company to help design, we can provide drawings at the same time as the order, the customer confirms the location of the drawings and schematics, everything is ready, then start to prepare the deposit, or even first Proofing the effect and constantly modifying it to perfection.      

Today, we not only find better ways to meet the needs of our customers on paper bags, but also work with WF to start developing degradable materials to protect our planet from the use of plastic waste.      

Even if we are doing plastic products, it is because of this that we have to work harder to set an example, and we are absolute pioneers in this matter. 

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