How The Anti-Smoking Laws Can Helps To Quit Smoking?

Posted by riya on December 4th, 2019

How The Anti-Smoking Laws Can Helps To Quit Smoking?

Peoples have been heard a lot of sad stories regarding the impacts of cigarette smoking through movies, Tv ads, etc. This is not just a simple message as like others. Still, tobacco smokers do not try to understand the things that they want to convey to the public. Therefore, the anti-smoking laws have to be altered for bringing awareness among the people for avoiding harmful health diseases.

The smoke coming out from the cigarette will not only affect the smokers’ health but also the people who are standing or sitting nearer to him. The Indian government needs to bring immediate actions and the best way to quit smoking. Stay here and read the article for gaining some more details about tobacco impacts.

Why Does The Law Need To Be Changed? 

Smokers have highly preferred loose cigarettes than compared with packets because they can able to acquire at a cheaper rate. Instead of producing advertisements, printing impacts of tobacco in school and college books, the government has to take significant steps for banning loose cigarettes.

  • In recent years, 14 to 15 years of age-grouped people have been started to smoke tobacco and it is quite difficult to find the age difference between 14 and 18 years of age-grouped people. It is better to raise the minimum age group for smoking from 18 to 21 years.
  • The penalty amount of Rs. 200 or Rs. 10,000 is quite easy for the cigarette sellers and smokers. Therefore, the government of India needs to improve the penalty amount than ever before. At the same time, the smoke zones should be limited.
  • The government has to bring numerous amounts of changes in the rules and regulations regarding smoking and it make the smokers to understand the seriousness included in it.

Severe The Punishments When Smoking At Public Places 

Smoking a cigarette in public places is strictly prohibited. Still, some smokers can do not care about the rules established by the government against smoking in public areas such as bus stops, public conveyance, restaurants, railway stations, cinema malls, etc.

The penalty and punishments should be severe for those smokers and making them to understand the reasons for restrictions. At the same time, there is no restrictions have been passed for smoking on roads, parking spaces, parks, and open market places.

Get Rid Off From The Tobacco And Live Your Life Happily 

Tobacco is the major reason for wide varieties of health hazards and environmental hazards and it needs to be prohibited for saving society. According to research, nearly 6 million people have been died all over the world because of the consumption of tobacco. The government has to explain the importance of Emphasise on Nicotine patches to quit smoking among the public. Additionally, immediate actions have to be taken for finding the best way to quit smoking for minimizing the death rate of the people.

Make use of this information, if you want to know about the impacts of consuming tobacco. Hope, you have understood the information, so social awareness has to be created for tobacco smoking.


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