Predictive Dialer and How It Works? Why to Use Predictive Dialer?

Posted by elisiontec on December 4th, 2019

One of the most competitive industries is call centers and that is why call center solution providers keep on developing new features and functionalities to help their clients leverage multiple benefits, including, a competitive edge. One of the most advanced features available in the best call center software is a predictive dialer.

What is a predictive dialer?

It is an auto dialer available in the call center solution. In fact, it is one of the most advanced automatic dialer. It predicts in advance how many agents will get free in the future and how many calls will be answered out of dialed numbers. Based on in-built logic, the predictive dialer calls enough numbers to get sufficient answered calls to pass to the agents that get free.

As the logic explains, predictive dialer is the most advanced call center dialer. It also provides many benefits. Some of them are briefed below:

1. It reduces the wait time of the agent

In a majority of dialers, once an agent finishes his ongoing call, the dialer dials the next number. If the call is not answered, it will dial the next number. The process continues until a call is connected and the agent has a call to talk. This will waste a lot of time of the agent which could have invested in the call converting leads or delighting customers. On the other hand, the predictive dialer will predict in advance that the agent will get free and if X numbers will be dialed, only 1 call will be answered. Thus, based on that it dials numbers in advanced and make sure when an agent is available to take the call, the dialer has one to pass. There is almost no wait time in the call center when it uses the predictive dialer.

2. It increases productivity

Predictive dialer is one of the features of the call center solution that is focused to increase productivity in the call center. To achieve this, it calls and routes numbers in a way that all agents will have enough calls during the day. This will help in investing time and energy of the agents on calls. This will ultimately increase productivity.

3. Reduces call drop ratio

In the call center software, one gets multiple automatic dialers, called, auto dialers. Some auto dialers keep calling leads one by one even before an agent is available to take the call. Some auto dialers show the preview to the agent so he needs to decide whether to pick up the call or not. All these auto dialers have their own pros, but in many cases, it has a major disadvantage. It connects the call to the customer, but there is no agent to talk with the customer. In this case, the customer will hear a ringing tone. This creates confusion as well as it delivers the best customer experience. If there are multiple attempts in a similar manner, customers may report numbers as a spam number. This issue is not faced while a call center uses a predictive dialer.

There are many benefits of using a predictive dialer. Thus, choose the call center software that has it as one of the call center dialers.

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