Montessori School Start-Up—Some Points To Keep In Mind

Posted by rohit sharma on December 4th, 2019

Today parents are much more knowledgeable and aware about education as a whole. Hence there is a growing need for parents to put their children into Montessori schools so that the kids become well-prepared to face interviews for admission subsequently. In order to cater to this growing need, there are a number of business houses which offer guidelines and proper knowhow about how to open play schoolwhen someone opts for their franchise.

With many new teaching methods and the implementation of newer technology to the education sector, today, a Montessori school start-up is considered to be a very lucrative idea. With relatively small investments and proper marketing, it is quite easy to break-even and also start earning profits. The fact that it requires only a one-time investment makes the idea seem even more viable. However, there are certain points which need to be considered if one is actually thinking of opting for a Montessori franchise like:

o   Investment: Even though the investment required is relatively small and approximately around 5 to 6 lacs, ensuring the money beforehand makes the start-up proceed without any hick-ups. Thus these funds need to be arranged either from a bank, financial institution or by personal means. Bank loans should be applied on time so that any problems or obstacles that crop up can be dealt with immediately.

o   Location: A Montessori school generally does not need an extensive land to build. But it still needs ample space to put in an activity area, a playground, classrooms, storerooms, staffrooms etc. Another point that needs to be taken into consideration is that the space obtained should be free from insects and mosquitoes and conducive to the provision of a learning environment. Ideally a 1acre space away from the main roads is best suited for opening a Montessori franchise.

o   Equipments: Training kids using the Montessori methods to make them proficient in English, maths, life skills, art and craft etc., is a very scientific process. Hence there are certain equipments that are required for the same. These equipments not only need to be purchased beforehand, they need to be purchased in ample numbers so that every student gets the opportunity to use them for their learning.

o   Staff recruitment: There are two categories of staff required for running a Montessori school. They are:

o   The teaching staff who need to be specially trained in the Montessori methods of teaching and should also have certificates to prove the same and

o   The non-teaching staff which include the account executives, the security personnel, the helpers etc.

This recruitment has to be done keeping in mind the fact that they will have to deal with kids and thus need extreme patience and understanding.

o   Advertising and promotion: There are several different methods which can be used to advertise and promote a school so that people of the locality can be made aware of its existence. Some of the result-oriented methods include placing advertisements in leading newspapers, circulating leaflets, designing and putting up banners and hoardings etc.

Keeping in mind and adhering to the above points given will ensure that almost all doubts regarding how to open play school are successfully cleared and a good financially viable and spiritually fulfilling Montessori school is set up.

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