the best way to clean porcelain ceramic tiles

Posted by aihw on December 4th, 2019

There are many different colors, sizes and finishes for ceramic tiles. Each one is a bit unique in how best to clean and maintain them. It is important to keep the tiles clean. Over time the dirt will wear the tiles and change the feel and make it look dirty even if it has just been cleaned. So these are suggestions for different types of tiles. For most cleaning jobs, a solution of vinegar to 100 water, or about 2 gallons of water and a cup of vinegar, is an ideal, very gentle cleaner. There are tile- There are also specific cleaners that can stain the tile slightly or color the tile, so be careful to dilute the tile appropriately as per the instructions of the cleaner. Cleaning and polishing ceramic tilesA polishing tiles is one of the most common tile types for homeowners. It is beautiful and glowing is one of the reasons why it is often chosen. However, due to the gloss, it looks dirty faster and something like wet shoes will affect the look of the tiles more than other types of tiles. The best way to clean it is to first clean the worst dirt by cleaning or vacuuming the surface. Then, use a mild soap or detergent solution diluted to half recommended on the surface of other tiles. Apply a cleaning agent with a mop, use a brush or tile if needed- Safety scrub pad for any place that requires extra attention. Finally, rinse the floor with water only and dry the tiles carefully with a towel to make sure it shines and there is no water spot. It takes more work to clean unpolished and textured ceramic tiles to be completely cleaned. Because they are not fully sealed and smooth, they have pockets to collect dirt and dirt that can\'t be reached by a quick mop. After cleaning or vacuuming any loose dirt on the floor, saturate the floor with a homemade or commercial cleaner diluted with hot water. Let this work for five to ten minutes. Work in small parts if needed to prevent the solution from vaporizing. Scrub the tiles with a nylon brush to get in and pull out any trapped dirt. After that, wipe the dirty cleaning fluid and water, then rinse it with the Clean Water applied by the mop. The things to avoid, while using stronger cleaners can be tempting and think stronger and better, really should avoid cleaning agents that contain harsh chemicals. Acid, bleach and ammonia will damage the tiles and grout and should not be used on the surface of the tiles. Wax and sealant and oil- The use of base cleaners should also be avoided as they affect not only the color but also the traction. Even with the smoothest sealed tiles, if the wax is applied to the surface, it becomes more dangerous when wet. Finally, tiles that are not glazed should not have any cleaning agents or other liquids with any dye or color in them. From a child\'s fruit punch to a cleaner with a dye, it can permanently stain the surface.

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