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Car Rental Kuching

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All rental rates include vehicles maintenance, oil greasing and any cost of repairs incurred during rental period will only be refunded upon presentation of damage parts and supplier’s receipt. All rates are quoted in the local currency (RM) and subject to change without prior notice.


The renter & additional drivers must be between 23 & 65 years old and in procession of a valid national or international Driving License. Other nationals who hold a valid driving license in English can drive in Malaysia for a maximum of 3 months. Probational license holders will not be accepted.


We welcome payment in all major credit card (Visa, Master, JCB, American Express).


The liability for this amount may be waived if you choose to accept C.D.W. as indicated in the schedule box.

Such C.D.W. coverage will only be effected subject to availability of a police report within 24 hours in reference to damages sustained to the vehicle.

Missing items or accessories are not protected by an insurance coverage or purchases of CDW

However if the cause of accidents is found to be due to negligence of the hirer and or nay claims, cannot be made against third party, then the C.D.W. coverage will be considered null and void and the hirer will have to pay for all the damages incurred.


Petrol is not included in our rates. The hirer will also be responsible for any summons or fines issued by the Malaysian Traffic Police, Road Transport Authorities or Local Municipal Authorities.


Should the hirer wish to extend the rental, it is most important that the rental station be advised immediately and the required additional amount paid so that the insurance cover is extended. Failure to do so may mean the hirer is driving the vehicle without insurance coverage.


One-way rental is available for driver’s convenience upon reposition fee levied depending on distance and period of rental.


If the pickup location is at the airport, we require the customer to provide the flight number and arrival time. We reserve the right to cancel the booking if we’re unable to contact the customer via (phone / email / text message) to request for further confirmation and details.


* Kuching City Car Rental shall not be under any liability for any property stolen from the vehicle or left in the vehicle during the rental or after its return to Kuching City Car Rental either for maintenance or upon expiration of the Rental Agreement period.

* Any foreign items including durian, vomit.. etc, which emit foul aroma will not be allowed in Kuching City Car Rental vehicles, the hirer will be responsible for charges from RM100.00 and above to eliminate the aroma.

We charge on a per day basis and minimum of one day. Example if you pickup the car at 5pm today and return on 10am the next morning. The same total amount will be applied as its considered as ‘overnight’. In any other conditions, we will charge accordingly to the rental duration.

We do scheduled maintenance for our cars on both interior and exterior and also mechanically. In terms of age, some are old and some are brand new. If find it no longer suitable for rental, we would remove it from our inventory.Yes, we do provide insurance coverage which are optional. The insurance only apply for the car and not the passengers. If you have your own personal insurance, you won’t have any

problem making claims if any injury has taken place as our car rental is licensed and legal. Your insurance most likely won’t cover injury occurred from driving cars from unlicensed car rental company.

We accept major credit card types like Master Card and Visas. Payment can be made with credit card only when the car is collected. For point to point transfer or driver, we accept cash only.

We don’t take deposit or payment upon online reservation, so it gives you the advantage to cancel anytime. Just have the courtesy to inform us early if there is any cancellation

Unfortunately, we do not have any other branches in Sarawak. We’re only based in Kuching. Charges will be apply if you dropoff the car outside of Kuching

Yes, we can dispatch the car anywhere within Kuching City and for regional area, it would require additional charges. Example: Damai, RM35.00 (may change depending on fuel price fluctuation)

Yes, you may extend the rental duration but it would be best if you let us know about it as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee the availability of the car at last minute request as it may affect other client’s booking. Should there be any problem, we would offer you to use any of our cars available. Rental charges will be made accordingly.

We’re a registered company with proper license issued by government agencies. Our company comply with strict rules and regulations regarding customer service. Here you can assure legal & secure, services from us for a piece of mind while driving.

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