Biometric Technology Secure: Expectations vs. Reality

Posted by Tech Guru on December 4th, 2019

Nowadays we all are aware of biometric technology and its uses. Biometric technology usually deals with the unique characteristics of human beings. This technology is in use for many years and has been proved beneficial for us. Since these devices are highly reliable and use unique traits of human beings, therefore, become securable also. Most people think that biometric technology secure for us. But is it secure? We know that biometric technology is much safer and secure as compared to any technology or method. But today technology has gone too far. Even these highly secured biometric devices can also be cheated. Biometric spoofing has common these days and now we can no longer trust any biometric device completely.

Places where biometric student attendance is in use?

There are many places where biometric student attendance is used nowadays. It can manage the attendance of students and can also generate attendance reports of students. Some of the places where it is being used commonly are mentioned below:-

ü Coaching Institutes – Most of the coaching organizations use this method of marking attendance as this is the most efficient method.

ü Schools/Colleges – Nowadays in almost all the schools and colleges are installed with biometric student attendance devices as marking attendance of large students becomes hectic for an individual and is time-taking too if done manually. The main advantage is that this device does not require much human labor.

ü Hostels – Basically for ensuring the security of the ward biometric devices are used. Forgiving up-to-date information to the parents regarding their wards it is used mainly.

The two most common biometric student attendance devices used nowadays are fingerprint-based attendance and face attendance system. Both of them work much efficiently but differ in their prices and places of use.

Why does the fingerprint-based attendance system is preferred more?

The fingerprint-based attendance system is being used extensively in essentially all fields. On account of its ground-breaking cost and powerful working, this framework is much comprehensively used at whatever point appeared differently concerning some other investment system. This system needs the special finger impression check of the individual for expanding support. It on occasion takes 2 to 3 seconds for approval. Nowadays, it is used in most of the work environments, lodgings, colleges for expanding support.

The fundamental purpose behind utilizing a fingerprint-based attendance system is that they expel the odds of misrepresentation in participation or generally known as an intermediary. Since this framework is programmed accordingly lessens quite a bit of our human work. Prior these robotized gadgets were a lot costlier however now they are accessible at reasonable costs.

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