How to get a GST registration number for a new business?

Posted by Kanakkupillai on December 4th, 2019

Under the Service Tax and VAT regime, Service Tax Registration Number and TIN number were granted by the state and the Central government of India. Nevertheless, under the GST or Goods and Services Tax regime, all different types of taxation got amalgamated into a single form and taxpayers have to be registered under this single authority. All the taxpayers who have applied for GST registration in Chennai or any other cities or states will receive a GST registration number or GSTIN or Goods and Service Tax Identification Number. 

How to get a GSTIN or GST Registration Number?

  • Visit and log on to the GST online
  • Click 'Register Now' and fill all the details in the Part A section of the application, then enter your name, e-mail ID and mobile number
  • Once entering the details, the verification process will be done by sending an OTP to your registered mobile number and email id.
  • After completing the verification process, you will receive the ARN or Application Reference Number in your mobile or email
  • Then you can fill the Part B of the GST application by entering the ARN. Here you have to upload the following requirements to complete this step:
    • Photographs
    • Proof(s) of the place of business
    • Constitution of taxpayer
    • Bank account details
    • Authorization form
  • After entering all the details and upload all the required documents and submit the application using Aadhaar OTP or DSC 

Once the procedure is completed, the GST officer will verify your application and it will take around 3 working days. If all the details submitted are fine, the officer will approve your application, and as a result, you will receive your Certificate of Registration or Form GST REG 06, or in case of any doubt, the officer will ask for more details using the Form GST-REG-03 for the further verification process.

The additional details of the GST registration need to be submitted within 7 working days. Once the needed details are submitted, the officer can reject the application by providing the proper reasons for the same. If the officer is satisfied with the additional details, then the application will be accepted and it will be processed further, as a result, you will receive a Certificate of Registration with GST Registration Number.

 Here are some of the benefits of getting a GST Number for New Business 

  • Legal recognition which helps in attracting more consumers.
  • A business having a GST registration number can take input credit on their purchases.
  • You can make interstate sales which help to widen your market in the future.
  • Can register on e-commerce sites or open your own online stores. 
  • Registering for GST Number will help in getting a good GST rating which in turn boosts your business to the next level.

Are you planning to start a new business? If Yes, just design your business plan, set up your financial sources and go for GST registration in Bangalore or any place where you are planning to start the business. After registering, launch your business, market your products and establish your business.

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