How to create a Wikipedia page for my business?

Posted by Create a Wikipedia Page on December 4th, 2019

Do you want a Wikipedia page for your company? Or do you want to know how to create a Wikipedia page my business? And what benefits it can give to your business? Just imagine how it will increase confidence in your brand since Wikipedia is one of the largest encyclopedic platforms. After all, a free encyclopedia is a reliable source of information for hundreds of thousands of people.

But posting an admiring article about yourself is not as easy as it seems. Wikipedia has some strict requirements for publications. In case of the slightest violation, the material will be removed and restoration will take months. Therefore, it is recommended to look for Wikipedia specialists for such purpose.

I figured out how to create your own Wikipedia page according to the rules and guidelines. I will help you get around the pitfalls and write about the business so that the article is more likely to fall into the encyclopedia instead of getting removed.

What will you achieve after publishing in the online encyclopedia?

Trust loan

Before buying a product or something, potential customers often look for information about those products or services outside the company's website. A Wikipedia page is just that resource that will add advantage.

Website traffic growth

Wikipedia is a trusted resource and appears on the first page when someone search anything in the search engine. Therefore, the article in the encyclopedia does not even need to be promoted - it is immediately displayed on the first page of the issue upon relevant request, attracting the attention of potential customers.

Increase conversion rate

From a Wikipedia page, more targeted visitors come to the site who trust your business. Such potential customers are more likely to turn into real buyers.


There are more than 150 rules and requirements for articles including the technical design standards requested by Wikipedia. Creating a page is a really time-consuming process. So, it is better to hire professionals.

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