FIFA Coins is EA's bread and butter

Posted by limmzhou on December 5th, 2019

FIFA Coins is EA's bread and butter. That 1 franchise leaves them more money than any other of their games combined. Along with the mtx/lootboxes make them if not b a year. Wanna hurt EA? Don't buy FIFA. Games such as BF or Star Wars or anything isn't gonna do shit. Problem is, very good luck convincing the entire world to never purchase the biggest soccer (soccer ) game. Literally FIFA is the move to game.

When did female characters became innovation? Like WTF they are advertising this as a feature at EA play.Man I am staying far away from their matches, after Jedi fallen order nothing was intriguing and all this company know is cram more MTX. The whole armor development of anthem obtained gutted armor sets that were due to decorative.

The game does it have sufficient things in it's pool and thus even after advancing loot drops nothing will occur as gamers will find all items very fast and thus finish the game.This is the principal reason they are taking this time as they're creating more things and rolls.I am only tired of those companies.I have played fifa specifically UT for 6 decades.

It was always the only game I possessed... played football all my life and loved the sport itself. 19 was only meh.... I felt just like cards that were amazing came into god and quick squads were popular before Christmas. Now I also had the capability of buy FIFA Mobile Coins constructing a god squad. From trading together with the fut champs rewards with IFs and sbcs I'd over 10mil before Christmas. But even I lost interest. Gameplay was repetitive and stale. Unique skills seemed more obsolete than ever. After nearly 9 months out of the scene I am prepared to fall in love . Tell you think I could enjoy myself and what is new and fascinating this season.

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