The Importance Of Information Technology

Posted by Sealectric on December 5th, 2019

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In the age of knowledge-based societies It is necessary to have basic knowledge regarding the use of information technology. Information technology is necessary and accepted in the present and the era that various agencies see the need and use information technology in their operations. Administration and decision making In many agencies, both public and private, both in business circles Industry and education Must have good information and management through the computer. For efficiency From production, storage, processing, retrieval, and information communication Including the exchange and sharing of information resources together to the full benefit. The importance of information technology, with educators giving views on the importance of information technology as follows:

Because information technology causes wireless communication Help facilitate And help promote. Better quality of life At present, we have seen the application of information technology in many different applications.

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge such as computers, telecommunications, as well as the study and development of various knowledge to benefit in various businesses. such as medical, education, trade and industry information is data that has been processed and is beneficial to black defendants. Therefore, information technology refers to marks or methods related to the collection, processing, storage and dissemination of information and information.

Key characteristics of information technology
1. Helps to increase work efficiency. Can make humans work faster, more accurate and more accurate

2. Help service There is a database system in the network. Those who want to use the service will be able to Use the database from any location or at any time.

3. Assist in the work process. Is the use of information technology to organize work systems.

4. Assist to facilitate everyday life, such as receiving messages via mobile phones.
Or recording images with a digital camera.

Google has been at front of wearable technology in education for very long moment. The company didn't really want to put their efforts into that technology as a cash cow in their opinion. However, Apple has capitalized about the ability available to them, and also for straightforward reason, Apple has become in front line. Google has already refine "Google glasses wearable" that is going to become available shortly. It is available in different shapes and dimensions, however, perhaps not cheap to average consumers.

Use of information technology
1. Record and store data. Is the data entry into the system for use in processing data gathering
Will use devices that receive information such as keyboards, electronic card readers Barcode reader

2. Processing data collected from data receiving devices and from various storage media such as diskettes, CDs, and DVDs Will be processed according to the specified program or command.

3. Display is to bring the results of the processing to display the device that serves to display.
The result display may be in the form of letters, images, sounds and various multimedia.

4. Communications and networks. Is the transmission of information and information one place to another

First place
Computer and Communication devices can work more diverse. Especially the use of equipment and
Information sharing Connection may be via aerial telephone lines and cables.

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