World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on December 5th, 2019

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor


Between the wild jungles of Draenor and the war-scarred plains, the ancient and powerful Orc tribe has formed a relentless new organization, the Iron Tribe. In order to keep their planet from falling, the heroes of Azeroth will go deep into this dangerous land to explore and reach the pinnacle of power in the process of rising to level 100. In order to establish a foothold in Draenor, players need to build, direct, and operate their own fortress. Players and followers they recruit will use this personalized base as their base camp and fight for a common cause.

New character model

With the release of new content and expansion packs for World of Warcraft, we (Blizzard) have received some feedback that shows that early player character models and animations are no longer comparable to the quality of the new race. The story of "The King of Draenor" takes place in the orc's hometown, and the orc is one of the earliest optional races in Warcraft. So now is the perfect time to update Orcs and other optional races.

We understand that many players have a high degree of identification with the appearance of existing characters, so we spent a lot of time and manpower to ensure that this update captures the iconic characteristics and charm of each race. We are still assessing which races can be updated when the new expansion is released, but the goal is to update the 8 earliest optional races in World of Warcraft and the draenei and blood elves all during the expansion and subsequent content updates . If players need to get a lot of Cheap WOW Classic Gold in a short time, then ZZWOW will be your best choice. Not only affordable, but also 3% off


You can send followers to perform different tasks. Successfully completing missions will allow you to gain resources to upgrade the fortress. For example, Cheap WOW Classic Gold and other may also get powerful loot, and followers will also gain experience points for these missions. However, if you only rely on Metrohm missions and farming to get World of Warcraft gold in the game, it will not only be tedious, but also waste a lot of your time. The resources obtained during the mission include materials required for current business skills and materials specific to the fortress. For example, if you send a follower to mine, you will get ore, and it is also possible to dig out stones for building and upgrading buildings.

Although followers are a great single-player experience, the system also has multiplayer content. When you send multiple followers to a certain task, you can do it with the followers of the guild comrades, whether they are online or not.

Followers grow stronger as players grow. From level 90 to level 100, followers will also get character levels. Upgrades will make them more powerful and have a higher success rate in performing tasks. Similarly, follower-specific equipment will also increase follower item levels; when reaching level 100, the role played by the equipment will become more important.

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