Innovative KraftMaid Bathroom Cabinets

Posted by aidanchinnery on December 5th, 2019

KraftMaid Cabinetry is a well known name in kitchen cabinets, but what many consumers don’t know is that they manufacture bathroom cabinets as well. KraftMaid brings their high quality, semi-custom cabinetry to your powder room with options so vast you can literally create the ideal bathroom regardless of space limitations.
Many homeowners face the grave issue of never ending bath products combined with limited storage space; this turns into a whole lot of clutter, disorganization, and chaos. Lotions go missing, bath towels are misplaced, and your blow dryer is constantly on display for all your guests to see. KraftMaid has created a line of bathroom cabinets that will surely eliminate any storage space problem that arises. Many cabinet manufacturers do not take wall space into consideration when offering their bathroom cabinets. Not using wall space in the bathroom is a huge mistake that KraftMaid is definitely not making!
With a variety of bathroom vanity linen cabinets you can compensate for lack of floor space by building cabinets upward. These tall cabinets are not simple pantry cabinets; KraftMaid has infused shelves, pullouts, and drawers to create multi functional, design savvy bathroom cabinets. One example of how style meets efficiency is KraftMaid’s vanity linen cabinet top mount wastebasket double; this tall bathroom cabinet offers three full depth shelves, two drawers, and a roll out equipped with two wastebaskets. Another space saving cabinet is the vanity linen cabinet four drawer; with three standard drawers, one deep drawer, and three open shelves, all your personal hygiene products will have a place. If you have tons of towels and bath linens and you’re short on closet space, KraftMaid offers a vanity linen cabinet. This cabinet offers three shelves on the top and a deep storage space on the bottom.
Not utilizing KraftMaid bathroom cabinets could be your biggest mistake during a bathroom renovation. KraftMaid combines all key aspects that consumers look for in a manufacturer. You can eliminate your concerns and follow your style scheme without looking any further than KraftMaid.
Basic functions are a thing of the past! No one wants a computer unless it has internet access, you won’t watch television without cable, and a phone that doesn’t serve as a camera, computer, and tracking device is basically useless. So purchasing bathroom cabinets with doors only is out of the question. We need features to suit our needs, and thanks to KraftMaid, those features are available in numerous sizes and tons of different styles.
KraftMaid, unlike many other cabinet lines, has the customer in mind at all times. No one wants to their dirty laundry out for all to see, so KraftMaid designed a cabinet to house your hamper. The vanity hamper base cabinet has a standard drawer and a door with a roll out in which the hamper would be placed. If organization is not your strong point then the vanity base pull out appliance is just what you need. This cabinet comes with two adjustable shelves and two metal trays perfect for your curling iron, straightener, or hair dryer. Bathrooms are often designed in a less than desirable way; many of the much needed floor space is allotted to rooms such as the bedrooms or kitchen. In turn, your bathroom may have odd measurements, and this may make a filler necessary. It pains me to see six perfectly good inches of storage space go to waste on a spacer; KraftMaid agrees! They have taken what used to be a filler and turned it into a functional cabinet. The vanity filler pull out cabinet may not be big enough to store your towels and bath mats, but it has four adjustable shelves and one fixed shelf perfect for smaller items like those extra tooth brushes and boxes of q-tips.
When you purchase KraftMaid bath cabinets no part of your floor plan will go to waste. You will be revamping your bathroom both stylishly and functionally.
There are space saving, organizational cabinets available in kitchen lines that have not yet crossed over to the bathroom, but KraftMaid is leading the way in this transformation. Who says that storage space and clutter is a problem only in the kitchen? The bathroom can become a jungle if it is not up kept properly, and this can become a full time job. With shampoos and towels galore, you’ll be late for work before you locate them.
KraftMaid has made one of the kitchen cabinet favorites into bathroom cabinets. The Lazy Susan cabinet now has a spot in either your powder room or your master bath. This corner bathroom cabinet is perfect for storing tons of items in a neat accessible way. The Lazy Susan has two rotating shelves that leave no item left behind.
KraftMaid is also introducing wall cabinets to the bathroom, and we’re not talking standard double door cabinets either. KraftMaid offers wall cabinets with tons of variations; the organizer wall cabinet is a life saver. This cabinet features double doors with three shelves inside and a organizational section underneath the doors. This is an ideal cabinet for consumers with tons of tiny bath items like dental floss, cotton balls, and chap stick.
It goes without saying that if you are looking to purchase bathroom cabinets to suit all your needs than KraftMaid is undoubtedly the way to go. With cabinets available in many sizes and even more designs it is impossible for you not to find what you are looking for. They are also one of the only cabinet manufacturers that think like a consumer, and in turn, provide products that consumers love.
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