Distributor Directory for Business- the Ultimate Guide

Posted by Camela Hutchson on December 5th, 2019

Wholesale directory Canada

If you’re old enough to remember TV Guide, then you’re old enough to remember a time when people understood the value and importance of a comprehensive database of information targeted to a very specific need. There was no mistaking TV Guide for anything more than what it was: a weeklong television program schedule. When your business is specifically tailored to the needs of distributors across Canada, you have a similar resource: a wholesale directory Canada.

Grow B2B Sales With a Distributor Directory for Business

Focus is key when developing strong sales pitches. Before you can pitch, you need to generate leads of qualified prospects interested in your products and/or services. By accessing an online distributor directory for business, you’re accessing the “TV Guide” of digital databases targeted to distributors. Scott’s Info has built an incredibly comprehensive database of information about distributors across the country, part of a directory of over 180,000 B2B company profiles easily searched and navigated. When you’re developing sales pitches for your B2B activity, you can quickly identify your top prospects simply by scouring the data available on their company. That includes the contact information of the key people working within the company; this allows you the luxury of identifying the right people in the company to whom you want to send your pitch. 

Know Your Prospect Before Building Your Sales Strategy

You can’t properly prepare your sales pitch without knowing who you’re pitching to. In other words, it’s a waste of time building something for the specific needs of a client if you have no idea what that client’s needs are.  You can’t create a solution to a problem they don’t have through your B2B sales efforts. You’ll see conversion rates plummet if you are approaching prospects with products and services they had no intention of buying in the first place. You can learn all about a very qualified list of potential prospects in the business of distribution by researching their company through the wholesale directory Canada. You’ll save yourself a lot of time, money and energy by building effecting strategies with the use of this incredible sales tool. The distributor’s directory offered by Scott’s Info includes a comprehensive list of Canadian manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, B2B services and industrial support. Just like TV Guide, you can search through it to find exactly what you want in the hopes of developing the right B2B sales program for your potential client. 

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