What is the right Artvigil dosage for people with Narcolepsy?

Posted by parker jennifer on December 5th, 2019

Sleep is a very important factor that is needed by us to work and function well. It is when we sleep that our body is able to work and function well. Therefore sleeping well is very necessary. However the feeling of sleepiness all day long is not something that any of us wish to suffer from. In such casaes the person is not able to work and function well. Now, there can be a number of factors that can laed to causing the issue of excessive sleepiness in epople. One of the most common factor that is seen to contribute the feeling of excessive sleepiness in people is suffering from sleep disorder such as Narcolepsy. So, let us have a look at what narcolepsy is. And what is the best way to solve the issue of excessive sleepiness in people.

One of the most common wsays to treat narcolepsy in people is by the use of smart drug. The smart drug that we will discuss is about Artvigil. It is seen that the intake of the right Artvigil dosage is very effective in treating the issue of excessie  sleepiness that is caused from narcolepsy in people.

What is narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a condition which affects the nerves of a person. It affects the control of sleep and wakefulness in people. Such persons are seen to be more prone to excessive daytime sleepiness. They have an uncontrolled urge of falling asleep in the daytime. The sleep attack may even happen when the person is involved in some of activity. Any sleep cycle usually have a number of stages of sleep. But for people with narcolepsy disorder are seen to have a REM sleep immediately in the sleep cycle. Also in the REM sleep people can experience dreams and muscle paralysis. It begins between the age of 15 to 25. 

Some of the causes of narcolepsy are-

  • The deficiency of the chemical hypocretin can also led to narcolepsy.
  • Scientist has identified a few genes that are associated with this disorder. 
  • The genes affect the production of hormones that regulate the sleep cycle. 

The usage of Artvigil dosage in helping with fighting narcolepsy

The exact mode of action of that is involved in the working of Artvigil dosae is not clearly known. The Artvigil dosage is an indirect agonist of the dopamine receptor. It binds in-vitro to the dopamine transporter (DAT) and further inhibits the dopamine reuptake. The activity of the Artvigil dosage is associated with the increase of the dopamine level in the body.

The Artvigil dosage for excessive sleepiness caused due to narcolepsy

The Artvigil dosage that is recommended to all people for fighting excessive sleepiness caused from narcolepsy is taking Artvigil 150mg. This medication works by targeting the brain of the person that is very effective in stimulating the brain. Thus helping in getting a number of benefits.  

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