3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Redesigning Your Website

Posted by Liz Seyi on December 5th, 2019

Often, the fundamentals of your business – and even your business’s website – might be sound, but that doesn’t mean your site wouldn’t benefit from a bit of TLC.

So, whether you’re investing in a top-to-bottom redesign of your company’s website or just re-jigging it slightly, what are some of the questions that you may be advised to ask yourself?

Could my site’s visual design and identity do with improvement?

If your company has an existing set of brand guidelines, it’s well worth asking yourself whether yourBusiness Website Design represents the kind of visual identity to which you aspire.

Alternatively, it might be that you don’t have a brand document or you haven’t put one together for a long time – in which case, a mood board could help you to generate ideas.

As a starting point, simply ask yourself: what visual elements would suit my brand? Think about colours, fonts, iconography and images, and how well your site’s existing ones align with your brand’s goals and audience.

Do my site’s contact forms need to be streamlined?

The whole point of the contact forms on your company’s website is to encourage people to contact you. But are they likely to do this if there are 10 or 15 fields to fill in? How often do you fill in and submit contact forms that long?

People who are extremely interested in your business might be willing to fill in all of those fields, but many people who are presently only casually intrigued by your brand are unlikely to do so.

Simplifying your contact forms as far as possible should therefore be a key task of your website redesign. After all, do you really need to request more details from your prospective customers than their name, phone number and perhaps a few sentences on why they’re getting in touch with you? In short, don’t make things harder for your visitors than they really need to be.

Is my website design as consistent and simple as it can be?

The most consistent possible user experience across your site will help to hammer home those brand values and messages that you will wish to stay in your visitors’ memory long after they have stopped actually browsing your site for the day.

Simplicity, too, can be a massive virtue in business website design; it’s why so many of the most visually engaging sites stick to just a few consistent colours and a few consistent fonts.

Also consider whether there’s enough white spacing between the various images, areas of text and other visual elements of your site design to enable visitors to easily focus on those elements that really matter, such as the main content and calls to action (CTAs).

Business website design – or for that matter, redesign – doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you’re partnered with the right web design professionals. We can be precisely those professionals here at PENNInk Productions; simply give us a call now, on 020 8144 7931, to find out more.

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