Haze spawns green ultrafine mill

Posted by lily lily on December 5th, 2019

At present, market competition is fierce, and independent innovation has become the main theme of development. In the industrial production equipment industry, green innovation is a challenge and an opportunity.Due to the development of industry, China ’s air pollution is serious, and many cities are experiencing severe weather such as smog. Some second-tier and third-tier cities are developing because of the large-scale civil construction, causing a lot of construction waste equal to environmental disharmony. Faced with the grim situation, environmental protection can't wait.

The main problem of environmental protection is the irrational use of resources. Air pollution is caused in thermal power plants and steel plants, so if problems are found, they need to be solved.Like thermal power plants, a large number of ultrafine grinding mills are used. If you want to avoid pollution, you must supervise and promote the relevant treatment. Then, it must be realized in the desulfurization process by means of ultrafine mill equipment. When the desulfurization device is installed, the atmospheric pollution will be greatly reduced.

Air pollution challenges the improvement of technology. In the mining and other industries, ultrafine mills have a wide range of functions. It grinds ore, etc., and processes powder tailings to reduce waste of resources. The ultrafine mill uses a crushing equipment + milling production line solution to treat construction waste, reduce pollution from construction waste, and participate in environmental protection. problem.

The current situation has promoted the development of environmental protection. The ultrafine mill must seize the opportunity at this time and spare no effort to develop and grow. At the same time, we must make improvements to our structure and make our own contribution to environmental protection.

For this reason, the classifier of the ultrafine mill needs to be upgraded and manufactured. The cyclone-type classifier is the most important. The speed of the blade is adjusted according to the size of the finished powder. When you want to obtain finer-grained powder, increase the speed of the blade, increase the contact between the blade and the powder, and cause the undesired powder to be thrown out of the wall by the blade to escape from the airflow. The coarse powder falls into the grinding chamber for weight due to its own weight After grinding, the qualified finished powder is sucked into the large cyclone collector by the blade with the airflow, and the powder is collected.

In particular, it is necessary to use a pulse bag filter, which is a bag filter that uses a pulse ash method to clean the ash. It uses a divided-room air-stop pulse spray ash cleaning technology to overcome the shortcomings of the conventional pulsed dust collector and the divided-room back-blower. It has strong ash cleaning ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration and low energy consumption, and has made great contributions to environmental protection.

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