What is Alcohol Use Disorder and How to Find the Best Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles

Posted by Jane Edison on December 5th, 2019

Alcohol use disorder is an addiction that affects many people in Los Angeles. It can harm many segments of your life. If you discover that you may have this problem it’s best to search an alcohol rehab Los Angeles. It’s much better to let professionals help you than to try to do it yourself. Don’t wait until you are forced to go in a random one, you want the one with the best alcohol detox Los Angeles.

Alcohol Detox Los Angeles

What is Alcohol Use Disorder?

Alcohol use disorder is a bad habit that has negative effects on your mind and physical health. It can also affect your social life and your finances. Addiction can vary from a strong desire to a physical need to drink.

Drinking in low quantities and less frequently is ok, it may even help in some segments of your life. But in larger quantities and with a high frequency it will become a problem over time. Although it depends on the quantity and frequency of the drinking sessions, it can take from 2 months to 3 years to become an addict.

Addiction can impact your life in many negative ways like:

-         Health. The liver has the role to neutralize different substances, like alcohol, in your body. At the same time, alcohol slowly destroys your liver. If you don’t search an alcohol detox Los Angeles, the damage that your drinking obsession produces can go all the way to liver failure, where you risk to die if a transplant isn’t made in time. The risk of cancer and heart failure are much higher. Too much alcohol in a short amount of time can kill you directly. This generally happens because of the lack of control that alcohol produces.

-         Mental Health. Your mental health is directly affected because of the frequent periods in which your mind is intoxicated. Your brain structure modifies over time and this will reduce your mental capabilities and your thought will always be influenced towards your addiction.

-         Social life. Because your brain will make your addiction the largest priority you won’t be able to give enough importance to your family and friends, this, together with the lack of self-control and reduced reason, it’s almost sure to destroy your social life. That’s why it’s better to go to an alcohol rehab in Los Angeles as fast as possible.

-         Finances. A big chunk of your money will go towards alcohol and your ability to increase your earnings will be non-existent. You may lose your job and that would spell disaster for your finances.

When an addict stops drinking suddenly, he will experience withdrawal symptoms. They vary depending on the stage of his dependence and they happen because his body and brain became reliant on alcohol. From the moment he stops drinking until his body adapts again to be able to function normally without it, he will feel withdrawal symptoms like agitation, a light headache and anxiety in lower stage addiction and more severe symptoms like high blood pressure, fever and even insomnia or hallucinations. In the most severe cases, life-threatening symptoms may appear.

Do You Need to go to Inpatient Rehab for Treatment?

It depends on the stage of your problem. If you can stop drinking, by yourself, for more than 2 weeks and you only have little withdrawal symptoms then you don’t need to go to inpatient rehab, but you need to go to a specialist before your obsession gets worse.

Your first focus should be to find an outpatient treatment program that has the best alcohol detox Los Angeles. Focus on your health because the counseling sessions and therapies will benefit you more that way. A good program will help you overcome your addiction for good.

If you can’t stop drinking because of a lack of self-control or strong withdrawal symptoms then you must find an alcohol rehab Los Angeles and start an inpatient treatment program. They will help you get over the withdrawal period easily and will help you escape from your addiction for a period. You should continue treatment for a longer period after that, but you can do that with an outpatient program.

For both inpatient and outpatient treatment you must search an alcohol rehab Los Angeles and overcome your addiction. Withdrawal symptoms are the most dangerous, that’s why you need to find the best alcohol detox Los Angeles. You can find more useful information on this topic at YandYrecovery.org.

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