Some Common Causes of Foundation Failures

Posted by gghbn on December 5th, 2019

Foundation problems have turned out to be a common thing nowadays because people do not consider it important to think about the foundation and its settlement. However, understanding the major causes of your foundation problem would not only help to create a safe environment but it would also save your money in the long run. The house foundation repair services provider can help you to know about these common causes in detail.

Causes of Failures of Foundations 


The presence of dry as well as hot conditions might also be the reason behind the pulling of soil from your house foundation. The settlement happened in your foundation because of this foundation moisture imbalance can cause your cracks to be present throughout the structure. 


The roots of big trees can also dehydrate the soil present under your house can also cause soil shrinkage as well as the settlement of your house. So, it is suggested by the foundation repair experts to plant the trees at an appropriate distance from the house. 

Plumbing Leaks

The water from the leaking plumbing pipes is usually referred to as the major contributor to the foundation problems and these problems include heaving. 


Improper drainage of the house of a person would also lead to an excess build-up of moisture that can erode or consolidate soils. However, excessive moisture might also result in the heaving of expansive clay soils. You should go for a regular inspection of your drainage system by the specialists of house underpinning. 

Poor Building Site Preparation

It is always suggested to cut as well as fill the situation in which the solid is removed from the part of a building site and it is stacked to another part. You should make sure that your property has proper stabilization of soil before building any house because improper stabilization can result in the unexpected movements of the soil under the foundation. 

Poor Ground Preparation

The cut and fill situations should be prepared properly before any structure is started to built or it might result in the improperly compacted soil under your house foundation. 

Poor Soil Conditions

The contaminants such as debris, poor soil, and organics result in consolidation or expansion. However, the house underpinning experts found that the expansion can lead to the failure of the foundation. It is always suggested by the experts to use the ideal foundation repair system and it can counteract such conditions. The steel piers, as well as helical piers, are usually termed as the solution for your foundation as well as the basement. 

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