How to Choose the Best Air Purifier Mumbai

Posted by Maria Gallien on December 5th, 2019

The quality of air today has really gone down due to increased air pollution both indoors and outdoors. This comes as a result of circulation of dust, pet dander, humidity in the air and congestion in the houses. Some people have taken the right action by purchasing an air purifier mumbai to outdo this irritating stuffiness and harmful air pollutants in the air but end up with the wrong choice of devices. Therefore, it is very important to understand the kind of environment you reside in so that you can easily get the right air purifier for yourself. These are the factors we should consider in this context:

(i) The size of the Air Purifier

The size of an air purifier mumbai should be based on the size of the room for the effective removal of air pollutants. A small air purifier may work but not guarantee you 100% cleanliness since it has lower units as compared to the size of the room. At times you have to keep it running for long hours or even non-stop for you to be closer to the quality of air admired in that particular room.

You should consider an air purifier equal to the size of your room for the circulation of healthy air in the room. For clarification issues:

  • A room-sized 299sqft and below should be fitted with a small air purifier.
  • A room-sized 300sqft to 699sqft can use medium-sized air purifiers.
  • A room-sized between 700sqft to 1900sqft should use large air purifiers.

If this technique is observed when choosing an air purifier then questions of whether air purifiers work will diminish.

(ii) Features of the Air Purifier

The size of the air purifier alone is never enough, it should be noted that along with it, there are some features of the device that when considered, you will always have quality air in your room. Of course, having a smart one is far much better since you can control it in your own comfort zone. The speed of the fun is also an essential feature, the weight too but you should not forget to check the following key features:

  • HEPA filters – This component works well for people leaving with allergies and respiratory dysfunctions since it effectively captures almost all dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and other microscopic solid substances.
  • Activated Carbon Filter – Some air purifiers will have this while others won’t. It is very essential in an air purifier mumbai when it comes to eradicating odor in the air.
  • Energy Star Rating – This will enable you to know the efficiency of energy consumption of your air purifier so as to easily save on costs.

(iii) Maintenance Cost of the Air Purifier

This is directly connected to the replacement of air purifiers. You need knowledge about the period of time that should be taken for the filters to be cleaned or be replaced. Note that the quality of air in the surrounding may affect the maintenance period of the air purifier. In normal conditions, HEPA filters might last up to a year, activated carbon filter lasts for a maximum of six months and in case of a pre-filter it may operate up to three months before its next replacement.

With these three factors in mind, you can easily choose the best air purifier mumbai that matches your preferences and enjoy the best quality of air in your surroundings. Apply this guide when buying an air purifier to avoid innocently going for the wrong choices.

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