Metal materials and sculpture

Posted by aihw on December 6th, 2019

Today, it is very difficult for us to find places without metal products in our lives. It has filled almost every corner of the world and affected our lives. Similarly, few sculptors now refuse to use metal materials to create works. Whether it is small and exquisite interior decorations or magnificent outdoor large-scale sculptures, the fascinating texture of metal materials and many characteristics make it difficult for sculptors to resist its temptation. Metal materials lead the field of sculpture with great advantages, and write a glorious history of sculpture art with unique charm.

The discovery and use of metal materials should be said to be an extremely important step in the process of human technology and an important sign of the development of human civilization. People often use the discovery and use of various materials as a sign of dividing the times. This quite scientific reference correctly reflects the development of social productivity at that time, and also proves the importance of various materials in people's lives. Since ancient times, people have learned to use metal materials to make various production tools and artworks. Gold and silver were first favored by people for their preciousness and gorgeous appearance. For a long time, they have been used to make various Valuable jewellery and works of art, and owning these items has become an individual's status and status symbol in society. In the history of world sculpture and metal manufacturing, Chinese bronze occupies the most glorious page.The mother-in-law, Fang Ding Ding, the second bell, the Qin Shihuang bronze carriage, etc. The ornamentation and the strange and weird imagination show the astounding beauty. With the variety of categories and the superb production skills, it has attracted worldwide attention and shocked them. Our ancestors' understanding and mastery of metal materials has become our precious heritage in studying metalworking techniques and studying the art of sculpture.

Humans have discovered the characteristics and beauty of metals in the processing of metals, and human creative thinking has also been extended and expanded with the depth and accuracy of metal processing. With the full understanding and mastery of metal materials and technology, metal sculpture and stainless steel sculpture will get more development.

Many sculptors are fascinated by the unique charm of metal materials and the irreplaceable aesthetics of other sculptural materials such as wood, stone, clay, and the various processing methods that can be applied to them. Regardless of materials, craftsmanship, language, form, etc., metal materials can be expanded endlessly in the meantime. The texture of the metal material is tight, and it shows a dazzling luster after grinding and polishing. It shines beautifully in the sun and is beautifully shaped. Its effect is naturally unforgettable. Compared with wood, stone, mud, and other materials, metal materials appear cold, hard, and unemotional.Therefore, sculptors often use the twists and twists of shapes to pursue flexibility and lightness in their works. Changing the icy appearance to be full of cheerful life, the sculptor restrained the indifference of the material and made it human in the movement. Metal materials will slowly oxidize and rust under the action of temperature and acid and alkali. This is a disadvantage that must be resolutely removed in industrial production, but the sculptor thinks it has a new idea. The streaky rust stained the surface of the metal with layers of changing colors and added a sense of calmness, simplicity, and weight, and then had a new persistence. Therefore, many sculptors will deliberately use acid and alkali and high temperature to accelerate its oxidation process, causing different decorative effects such as vicissitudes and dignity to express special meaning.

 The character and texture aesthetics of metal materials have performed well under the influence of different processing methods and technologies. The beauty of metal and science and technology like song and dance always go hand in hand. They can be drawn into silk and become lively and free lines. They can be rolled or hammered into pieces to be stretched into various shapes. They can also be cast into molten or transparent or solid shapes after melting. Riveting, welding, drilling, milling, polishing, punching, grinding, inlaying, stamping. The hardness and toughness of metal materials can be processed in a variety of ways. Such a wide range of processing techniques make metal materials appear in a variety of ways. Complex changes bring thousands of styles. The various characteristics of metal materials and the many processing methods that accompany it make it impossible for any other sculptural material to be diversified and adaptable in terms of performance effects.It has greatly broadened the world of sculpture performance and attracted many sculptors to try . The field of modern sculpture is also colorful due to the continuous development and development of metal materials and metal processing technology.

 The relationship between the development of modern industry and metal sculpture is so close that even the garbage produced by the industry can cause the sculptors' rich associations to become their possessions. The whimsicalness of an artist can sometimes really stun. Although it is not Picasso's pioneering work to splice sculptures with abandoned machine parts or scraps, his "Bull Head" with a combination of bicycle seat and handlebar is a very famous work. He just changed the order of these pure physical materials and caused people to associate freely. Behind it can be a long list of author names. The materials, textures and shapes of these wastes that sculptors love, the excitement of the bright colors remaining on them, and the cool rationality of designers all stimulate the artist's imagination. In France, Xaar made rusty, weird, and lifelike human-like sculptures of discarded machine parts, but what he is best known for is the scrapped cars, abandoned mechanical parts, and life The metal trash squeezed them into a square matrix under great pressure. Under great pressure, those familiar items curled up in the twist. It seems that they can hear the painful groan of their fracture. Saiza was suggesting that the world but What he praises is never violence. Sculptors from different countries, such as Chamberlain, Stankeyville, Armand, etc., have sweated hard on their works. To put it simply, most artists in this category who can be called collectivism use metal materials and parts to assemble sculptural art.They collect all kinds of discarded metal materials or parts with great care.The color and texture of these materials As well as purely rational shapes, they are extremely valuable. The selected and re-combined works are basically not constrained by shapes but only by their general meanings, like gods, or purely abstract but rich in imagination and majestic power-broken copper and iron hide huge artistic development ability.

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