What to look for in your Canadian pharmacy?

Posted by adairsawyer on November 25th, 2011

When you check online for a Canadian pharmacy there are hundreds that you will come across. Almost any Canada pharmacy today has been doing great business thanks to the value proposition they offer to their customers. And now that they have gone online, it has been possible for them to transcend boundaries and reach out to American customers too. This has further fueled their business. But there are some scammers that are looking to cash in on this boom. So, you need to be aware of them and stay away. Look for the five points given below and you should be able to deal with an authentic Canadian pharmacy.

They look and feel authentic

When you visit the website of a Canadian pharmacy, you should get the feel that it is a pharmacy website and not a marketing website. If the website is too flashy then you are better off staying away from it. Look for items like newsletters, an “ask the pharmacist” section, news and updates on the pharmacy world and customer testimonials.

They are accredited by CIPA

CIPA or Canadian International Pharmacy Association is the sole licensing authority for any Canada pharmacy on the web, so much so that any online Canadian pharmacy that gets advertised when you search in Google, Yahoo! or Bing must be accredited by CIPA. This is something that you must look for because this is where the scammers are weeded out. When you deal with a Canada pharmacy that is accredited by CIPA you know that you are looking at 100% authentic medicines and unmatched service.

They have a large stock of medicines

A professional Canadian pharmacy will always have a large stock of medicines. Because most of these pharmacies offer you price benefits for generic, patented drugs, they ensure that the most common drugs are always available with them. In an event where you cannot find the medicine you are looking for, check Google to find out whether the same drug is sold under some different brand name in Canada or not. It may sometimes happen that your Canada pharmacy doesn’t have the stock of medicine you are looking for. Leave a message for them and they will revert the moment the medicine is available. When they get back to you, you know that they are professionals.

They are clear with their terms and conditions

A professional Canadian pharmacy will always be forthright about their terms and conditions. Visit their FAQ section and see whether you have the answers to the most common questions given or not. Pay special attention to items like medical insurance, shipping and handling and modes of ordering. If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to, call up the Canada pharmacy and clarify.

They don’t sell narcotics

A professional Canadian pharmacy will never sell drugs containing Morphine and Codeine and other habit forming drugs. These drugs cannot be sold even if you have a prescription to show. If you find a Canada pharmacy website that sells these medicines, stay away from them.

Buy your medicines from a Canadian pharmacy and you could be looking at saving thousands of dollars on medical bills. Ensure you deal with an authentic Canada pharmacy to get all the benefits.

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