How scaffolding rental in London can help in your construction project

Posted by Hayley Snook on December 6th, 2019

Nowadays, using the tower scaffolding rental in London has become increasingly popular with builders. The traditional method of making this required a specialist or a team of specialists who knew how to make it and it had to be made bigger depending on the scale of the project at hand. This process was not only slow and complicated but also risky because, in the past few years, many accidents have occurred that have demanded the need for a better method.

Moreover, making a big scaffold structure for a small-scale project was too much work and hassle for a simple tradesman or a DIY user. In these situations, the tower structure is the best and most efficient method of getting work done and there many benefits of using it over the traditional board and pole construction. Here are a few of the many advantages that you can get by opting for this structure.

One person construction:

The best part of using this method is that just one person can erect the tower. It does not necessarily need more than one person. If a builder, who knows how to assemble the whole thing, starts making the scaffold, then he can be done in a matter of hours. The main reason why one person is enough for this job is that the components are lightweight. One person is enough to move them from one place to another because there is no added weight of the steel poles or the scaffold frame, which makes it easier to transport on a car as well.

Quick assembly:

The best part about this type of construction is that the parts are easy to piece together. All you have to do is take the kit and follow the instructions. Unlike the traditional style of making the frames and the platforms, there is no guesswork involved, which means that there will be lesser chances of errors when the structure is complete. Even a single person can get this completed in no time at all and this saves a lot of time and resources and ensures the safety of the workforce.


This is a major problem when it comes to metal structures. The traditional builds use iron poles which corrode over time and can be life-threatening for the workers. Aluminium builds, on the other hand, are non-corrosive and can last longer. You can be sure that this is a safe investment, which will improve efficiency.

No specialisation or training is needed:

These towering structures are easy to build and come with instructions that a novice builder could also follow. They do not need a person to be an expert in the field so you do not have to waste time looking for experienced experts because anyone from your team can get the tower erected in no time at all. There is hardly any room for error and these come with adjustable legs that mean that you can set them on the uneven ground as well. Such a construction cannot only save resources but save lives as well.

There are many companies that are offering scaffolding rental London. These companies can also provide you with installation services and if you want to make this process smooth, it is advised to hire one of these companies to help you erect these structures and they will provide you with these services. However, you need to make sure that the company you hire is reliable and trustworthy. To ensure their reliability, you need to check out the reviews of their previous clients and also check their website. Hope this article proves to be helpful to you in this regard.

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