World of Warcraft: C'Thun

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on December 6th, 2019

World of Warcraft: C'Thun

C'thun is one of the ancient gods that the Lord Void put into Azeroth to erode the newborn Titan, sealed by the guardians of the Titan in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. It is the first ancient god and the second ancient god to be destroyed. Cthun's name came from his servant, Ahn'Qiraj. The shape prototype comes from the old ruler in Cthulhu mythology, and the name comes from Cthulhu. In World of Warcraft, if players feel that their enemies are too powerful to defeat them, it is recommended to use WOW Classic Boosting to help them complete their tasks.

Character setting

Cthulne is an ancient god. In ancient times, the Lord Void launched many corrupted seeds (that is, ancient gods) to the physical universe in order to corrode the star soul that has not yet matured into a Titan. Currently, there are four ancient gods known. (Yaxarji, C'thun, Yoggsaron, Enzos) were dropped on Azeroth.

When the Titans discovered Azeroth, the entire planet was about to be corrupted by the ancient gods, and the Titans were angry. After Amansul personally shot and destroyed the most powerful Y'Shaarj, he caused great damage to Azeroth. This phenomenon caused the Titans to discover that the ancient gods had corroded the planet so deeply that they would kill the ancient gods. Azeroth caused great damage. For Azeroth, the future powerful Titan, they shaped the guardian and sent them to seal the ancient gods in Azeroth, and these ancient gods did not obey them. They are still planning in the underground of Azeroth, ready to re-rule the world at any time. Visit for more information about World of Warcraft items and coins!

Cthulne was defeated and sealed in a battle in Silithus, but with the loss and confusion of the guardian Rydon, and the explosion and impact of the Well of Eternity, the guardian's seal gradually weakened. Behind the scenes of the Qiraji man again. In the battle of quicksands, the dragons sealed the beetle wall. He was deeply trapped under the abandoned temple of Ahn'Qiraj, where he exerted his ability to control the Ahn'Qiraj for thousands of years. People gradually controlled the entire Silithus. In World of Warcraft he eventually appears as the boss of Angela Temple. Cthun is one of the bosses of World of Warcraft NPND.

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