How much do you know about inkjet printers?

Posted by xingsihui on December 6th, 2019

Inkjet printers, as one of the mainstream printers today, have a wide range of applications in the market. So, how much do you know about inkjet printers?

First of all, in principle, inkjet printers can be divided into solid inkjet and liquid inkjet. Liquid inkjet can be divided into bubble type and liquid piezoelectric type. Bubble technology is to make bubbles of ink by heating nozzles, and then spray them to On the paper. If this is explained, many of my friends may not understand it. Let's analyze it from a common point of view.

Compared with other printers, the biggest feature of inkjet printers is that the core of printing lies in ink cartridges. The printing medium is ink. Here are a few introductions:

First, the printing speed: In the printing speed, the inkjet machine is naturally inferior to the laser printer. Generally speaking, the speed of document printing is between 10 and 20 sheets per minute, and the laser machine is faster;

Second, the printing effect: the document printing is inferior to the laser machine, because the printing medium of the inkjet machine is ink, so the phenomenon of bleeding is prone to occur;

Third, the cost of the machine: In general, the price of the inkjet machine is lower than that of the laser machine. The price of the new machine like the Raymond family is very good. On the contrary, the laser machine is not so cheap.

Fourth, the printing range: This is the biggest advantage of inkjet printers compared to laser printers. Generally, many laser printers do not support color printing. Even with color printing, the cost is relatively high, while inkjet printers are relatively high. Most of them support color printing, and the cost is low, and the effect is good. It is almost a necessary machine for color picture printers;

Another feature of inkjet printers is that they can be changed into a continuous ink supply system, so that the ink supply system can directly add ink, which can greatly reduce the cost of printing. Now many users do this. It is.

The above is a summary of some of the characteristics of inkjet printers, do you understand?

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