Difference between Spoken and Written English Language!

Posted by Simpli English on December 6th, 2019

As we all know that English is the “Universal Language” it is also important to know how to write that language and how to speak that language. And, learning how to speak and how is write is the simple way when one learned that language. But, one thing we all have to know is that, the written English and the Spoken English differs from one another in many ways and you can easily master the skills by taking Voice and accent training Institute in Gurgaon.

Know the difference between spoken and written English language: -

  • So, coming to the point the written will be permanent as the written text can’t be changed whenever we want, when compared to speech.
  • But, in Spoken the ideas that we deliver or the information that we deliver can be changed so easily from time-to-time and from situation-to-situation.
  • In a written the phrases, the passages, that we write is done in different ways by considering over all the presentations.
  • But, in speech there will be no particular rules and regulations like in written English.
  • In writing there will be a limit of information like only the important matter has to be mentioned.
  • But, in speaking there will be no certain limits, as the speeches will always be complex and are explained in clear matter of what the information has to be delivered and all.
  • Writers can make use of punctuation, headings, layout, Colours and other graphical effects in their written texts.
  • But, in speech those special criteria are not required and is not seen also.
  • The written is stored and can be used whenever we want, but the spoken helps you in proper pronunciations while you speak.
  • And also the speaking helps you learn the language faster than writing.
  • Writing is also important, but, instead if we keep communicating with others it will be more possible way to learn the language with proper pronunciation and can avoid the grammatical mistakes also.
  • And, for the people who hesitate talking with others the writing their own notes, speech will help to learn faster, but practicing by talking and communicating with others will really helpful as one can see a lot of difference in writing and speaking the language as some words we write will differ from speaking that word. This is how we see a huge difference in it.

Hopefully now you got the exact difference between the Spoken and Written English Language.

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