Why buy medicines from a Canadian pharmacy?

Posted by adairsawyer on November 25th, 2011

There are some very good reasons why Americans are now turning to one or the other Canadian pharmacy to buy their medicines. Check any online Canada pharmacy today and you will find that all of them are using various ways and means to woo more American customers. When you buy your medicines online from Canada you will find that it is rewarding both financially and experientially. And once you get into the habit there is no way you will not opt for future shopping from these websites.

The biggest advantage of buying your medicines from a Canadian pharmacy is cost saving. At a time when an American spends close to $50,000 a year on medicines, bringing this cost down by 40 or 50 percent does help. The global economy is again looking weak and this is the time when you want to cut costs wherever you get the opportunity. So, when you are able to save about $25,000 a year on medicines by buying from a Canada pharmacy, it helps your massively.

The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board maintains an upper ceiling on the amount Canadian pharmaceutical companies can charge a Canadian pharmacy for patented, generic drugs. When these companies sell to a Canada pharmacy, they are bound to keep the price within prescribed limits. So, when you buy your medicines from a Canada pharmacy, you get the same price benefit.

Canadian drugs sold by a professional Canadian pharmacy are 100% authentic. There are multiple checks put in place by the Canadian government to ensure this. Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) keeps a close tab on the quality of patented, generic drugs sold by Canadian pharmaceutical companies. No online Canada pharmacy can even advertise their business if they are not accredited by CIPA. Health Canada also keeps a close tab on the quality of medicines sold by these websites.

To ensure that there is no wrongdoing when you buy your medicines from a Canadian pharmacy, the Canadian government prescribes that you upload or fax or mail your original physician’s prescription. Without this prescription no Canada pharmacy will be able to send you your medicines. If you send them your original prescription and medical history they can help you with a new prescription written by a licensed physician. Moreover, narcotic and habit forming drugs are banned for sale even when your physician has prescribed them.

A professional Canadian pharmacy will have a licensed pharmacist check every order before it is shipped. This also ensures that you always receive authentic and quality medicines. This is another benefit of shopping from a Canada pharmacy.

Join scores of Americans who now prefer buying their medicines from a Canadian pharmacy. Buy medicines for 3 months and sleep easy. When your medicine supply is about to end you can ask for a refill. Your Canada pharmacy will do everything in their might to ensure that your medicines reach you in time. No matter where you are in the USA, dealing with your Canadian pharmacy will be a rewarding experience that will help you get all these benefits.

It is no wonder so many Americans now buy their medicines from some or the other Canadian pharmacy. Visit a professional Canada pharmacy and you will know why.

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