Anxiety Disorder Programme - What You Need To Know About Anxiety!

Posted by mentalhealthtv on December 6th, 2019

Anxiety is something that everybody experiences. It is a natural reaction to threatening situations. However, some people experience anxiety a lot more frequently than they should, in situations that should not seem threatening. This can be disruptive to their everyday lives and lead to avoidance behaviour, isolation, and depression. It can make it difficult to hold down a job, and it can interfere with personal relationships and family life.

There are many anxiety disorder programme out there, all very informative on the subject and the methods of treatment. Frustratingly, a lot of advice on the internet is not so useful. The most easily shared material on anxiety comes in the form of photos with text tips, or inspirational quotes. Some of these are useful, but some can be very unhelpful and almost harmful. We have to approach the information that we see on the internet with a critical mind, and the sad fact is that a lot of vulnerable people believe what they see on the internet straight away.

Most people have their own ideas of what is right and what is wrong. For some, it is 'wrong' to take medication for anxiety. Although it would not be incorrect to suggest that medication can cause problems, it is also incorrect to assume that it causes those problems for everybody. Many patients with extreme anxiety benefit hugely from taking SSRI antidepressants or benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines have a bad reputation, as when misused people can become dependent on them and experience withdrawal. However, under supervision, benzodiazepines can be extremely helpful to people at the height of their anxiety, and make it possible for them to function. They're usually prescribed for use during times of heightened anxiety, and not for regular use.

The truth about medication for anxiety is that it's impossible to tell exactly how each individual will respond. It is possible to do genetic testing to figure out which medications suit a person according to their genetic make-up, however, this is an expensive process and the more common alternative to this would be to try medication whilst being monitored by a GP.

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