05 Legit Method to have Free Robux in 2019

Posted by Thomas Shaw on December 6th, 2019

Are you looking to get a legit method to have free Robux for the Roblox Game? Get much more details about free robux codes

Legit Method devoid of Purchasing:

Are you currently Kidding?

As per our studies, we've got found out many ways, by which you may get free Robux without spending any money.

Want to Know Far more:

Let’s dive into within the methods straight forward and verify if you can get these without the need of putting any real money.

05 Techniques GET FREE ROBUX IN 2019

Acquire Account which has Collectives Items

Create a new Game in Roblox

Exchange Collectible items or Trade them

Join Survey or GPT website and Earn Robux

Join Social Media Giveaway for Free Robux

So, they are the top 05 legit approaches to acquire free Robux in 2019, let’s check every one and see how to implement these approaches.


Should you check different online portals like eBay.com, you'll discover you will find hundreds of Roblox account which are displayed to become sold by customers.

Just Go and browse all these accounts and verify for the collectives and free Robux they provide in their Roblox account.

You can also check these accounts in eBays

Money Roblox Account

Money Roblox Account

Collectives Roblox Account

Rare Roblox Account

Mystery Roblox Account

Fundamental Roblox Account (includes Builder Hut)

Old and Uncommon Collection Roblox Account

Now, according to the collectives and Robux present in their account, you may verify the price tag range.

Usually, these Roblox account starts from to 0, according to the rare and collective products.

So, what are the takeaway:

You may spend small amount and get an old account that is filled with rare and collectives’ items, which you can sell within the market and get a fantastic value.

2. Create A new GAME IN ROBLOX

Yes, we know that is not Feasible:

But should you love tiny programing or know tiny about LUA, then you can attempt hand in creating a game in Roblox.

Now, Roblox is really a multiplayer multiplatform game server, which makes it possible for users to build their own game or space and play on it.

When you have tiny knowledge of how a game should really run or how exciting is usually added to any game, then you can use this method.

At present, there are actually two variation procedures, by which you could get started producing your game

Roblox Game create in LUA language

Roblox Game create in Roblox Studio.

For Non-Programming People:

If you're non-programmer, then you definitely can attempt Roblox Studio and start making your game.

Roblox Studio is made is such a way that even a non-programmer could make a brand new game devoid of any difficulty.

You need to verify all of the free Roblox Studio tutorial and case study before you'll be able to plunge in to the programing of Roblox.

So, what's the Takeaway:

You are able to make Roblox Game, irrespective of any programming know-how.


Exchange Collectible items and Trade them to have Robux, would be the oldest method of earning in Roblox game.

There are plenty of case studies in Roblox, exactly where people have brought Uncommon or Collective things in 2015 and sold them for high costs in 2016.

Inside one year, the price of the collective things has improved 3 occasions, and people happily paid the higher value.

So, when you have a sense of choosing collective items, then invest in some uncommon or collective products that will fetch you double money in one year.


You are able to join massive Survey or GPT website and earn points which later is often credited as Robux.

In these GPT websites, you may need to execute a small process, for which you will be awarded free points.

All the points when collected later may be credit into any Digital Gift Card of one's selection, such as Robux.

Some of survey and GPT website are offered under






Want free Robux:

Very best approach to get some free Robux is to participate in Social Media Giveaway, in this you need to share, post, blog, bio, link to a diverse social media platform.

There are numerous social media platforms, such as Instagram, Reddit, and Pinterest where you'll be able to check for these types of offers.

All of the offers are free to participate, and also you can earn substantial Robux, just by participating and sharing links in your social media portfolio.


So, these are the 05 legit Method to get Free Robux in 2019.

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