Private Health Insurance in Canada A Comparison

Posted by insur dinary on December 6th, 2019

More than 60 percent of Canadians have Private health insurance . Most of these plans are issued by the employer while some others are purchased by the individual. Supplementary health insurance is important because Medicare does not cover every health care cost and health care cost is steadily increasing. In other words, you may end up spending a lot of money out of pocket if you don’t take out additional insurance.

What Type of Private Coverage Do You Need the Most?

Before taking out health insurance, it is important to first determine what you need the most. The best way to do this is by reviewing your previous medical spending, this will help you to determine if you need higher coverage for prescription drugs or not.

Some of the coverages you might consider include prescription drug coverage, dental coverage, vision care coverage, durable medical equipment coverage, paramedical service coverage, etc.

Eligibility Requirements and Qualifications

For most individual insurance plans, your health history will determine the eligibility requirements that apply to you. Some insurers do not cover people who have pre-existing conditions but some others offer guaranteed acceptance irrespective of your medical condition.

Guaranteed acceptance plans may be the best option for you if you are about to retire. If you are a member of a group plan, you may be able to access guaranteed acceptance from some insurance. Click here to learn more.

Consider Copayments and Deductibles in Private health insurance canada

The cost of health insurance in Canada generally consists of deductibles, copayments, and premiums.

Premiums are the monthly amount you pay for insurance. Deductibles are out of pocket expenses you are required to pay before the insurance plan takes effect, while copayments are amounts you pay after deductibles for covered conditions.

The Plan’s Limits or Annual Maximums

Most plans have limits or maximums; once you reach this amount, you have to take care of any other healthcare cost that arises.

There may be other limitations in the coverage such as the number of visits covered by the services, and so on.

Consider Your Employee-Issued Health Insurance Plan

It is necessary to check your employee benefits first before you begin shopping for health insurance plans. Most employers provide restorative dental coverage, vision care, and so on.

Factoring in your employee-issued health insurance plan will help you to know where to focus in the   Private health insurance .

Having determined what you need, you need to proceed by getting a quote. This is where coverage comparison becomes important. Visit the Insurdinary blog to learn more.

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