3 reasons why Canadian drugs are cheaper

Posted by adairsawyer on November 25th, 2011

When you compare the cost of American drugs vis-à-vis Canadian drugs you will find that the latter are much cheaper. The cost benefit available from Canada drugs is the main reason why so many Americans are now leaning toward Canadian medicines. And all these Canadian pharmacies now have their presence online and buying medicines from them is very convenient. While Americans have to pay top dollars to buy their medicines from USA, those that buy their medicines from Canada have been able to save plenty of money.

So, why are Canadian drugs so much cheaper than American drugs? Is there an issue with quality? Are these Canada drugs online genuine and authentic?

The biggest reason for the low cost of Canadian drugs is the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board. The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board is a Canadian government agency that regulates the cost of medicines in Canada. It keeps an upper ceiling on the cost of new medicines that pharmaceutical companies sell to Canadian pharmacies. Formed in 1987, the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board has ensured that prices of Canada drugs have spiraled downward even when cost of medicine manufacturing has gone up over the years.

The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board also ensures that there is a fair distribution of existing and new medicines. This also helps keep the prices of Canadian drugs checked. Canada drugs also need to be part of state-wise formularies and senior citizens in Canada have the right to contest with Canadian pharmaceutical companies to keep the prices of new Canadian drugs within range so that they can be included in the formulary.

The second reason why Canadian drugs are cheaper than American drugs is due to the cost and standard of living in Canada. For example, the cost of an item may be more expensive in New York than in an obscure town in Ohio. The same condition prevails between USA and Canada. Americans earn more than Canadians and have a higher standard of living. Hence, they are able to afford higher cost of medicines. Canadians, on the other hand, may not be willing or able to bear the same cost of Canada drugs. Hence, the pharmaceutical companies have no option but to keep the prices in check.

The third reason for the lower cost of Canadian drugs is due to the lower cost of litigation. When you buy your medicines, you actually pay a part of the cost so that your pharmaceutical company can meet litigation costs. American citizens are more liable to sue pharmaceutical companies that Canadian citizens. Hence, Canadian pharmaceutical companies don’t need to assign too much money toward litigation. And the damages awarded by American juries are much higher than Canadian juries.

These are the three reasons why Canadian drugs are cheaper. What you need to do is find a genuine website that sells Canada drugs and start saving money. Save money on the cost of medicines and you will have plenty of disposable income to show at the end of the year.

Buying Canadian drugs online means you save a lot of money. There are various reasons why Canada drugs are cheaper than American drugs and you should always benefit from the reduced prices.

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