Washing jeans: Tips for proper care:

Posted by markwahl barg on December 7th, 2019

Jeans lose some color with each wash. The fit also suffers. With good care, they wear can be delayed by washing - and the jeans stay nice longer.

A new pair of jeans is usually the way it should be. But is the fit right after washing?

Some would like to wash the pants after each wearing so that it gets in shape again. Others would prefer to never wash them because they only sit well after some carrying. But when should the jeans objectively move into the drum?

Jeans last for several days without washing:

Experts explain: "Jeans that are only worn when working at the desk can normally be worn for five days without having to be washed." Otherwise, of course, it means: what is dirty or smells unpleasant no longer to the body. For light smells, it helps to ventilate the jeans well in between.

Turn jeans to the left before washing:

Jeans are then best washed on the left, so the show side is spared, advises Laundry near me an expert. In addition, so the rest of the laundry is spared in the drum because zippers and buttons do not rub it. Which wash program the denim tolerates is on the care label. Pay attention to the symbol of the washing tub. One is the maximum permissible temperature.

Take care instructions in jeans:

If there is no line under the tub, this means that the jeans may be washed in the cooking / colored or cotton program with a strong mechanical cleaning effect.

Laundry near me advises to liquid color detergent, so that on the jeans afterward no white stripes are seen by undissolved washing powder. Heavy-duty detergents almost always contain bleach that makes the colors pale. It also helps to avoid too many jeans at once in a machine load against streaks and wrinkles. So they do not squeeze each other in the machine.

For decorated jeans select gentle cycle:/

If there is a line under the washtub, that means for the jeans: easy-care program. Two lines stand for a fine or special easy care program. For jeans, this could be recommended if they are decorated with sequins or embroidered.

When washing jeans do not use softener:

Fabric softener should not be used when washing jeans, just because it makes the fibers softer. As a result, the fabric is worn out and the pants lose their fit.

The jeans are more comfortable to wear with fabric softener, but they lose not only the fit but also their robust character and the typical wearing properties. With stretch jeans, the renunciation is particularly important: The additive attacks the synthetic fibers, which are responsible for the stretch effect.

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