What are the features of Malwarebytes Internet Security?

Posted by Top Brands Compare on December 7th, 2019

Approved by tech-experts, Malwarebytes Internet Security is an ultimate solution for Windows and Mac devices to stand against the attacks of malware, spyware, ransomware, and other viruses so that the users can take ultimate ease while surfing through the internet doing their favorite tasks online without fearing the possibility of any kind of cyberattacks. Malwarebytes is an American Security Company, invested with effective defensive features to offer robust protection without a chance of compromise. Unlike traditional Antivirus programs, Malwarebytes Antivirus detection rate is high as well as the operation is very quick and effective, as it crushes the malware files in seconds quickly after discovery before they do any harm to the user's device and privacy.

Features of Malwarebytes Internet Security

  • Real-time scanner- The strong scan engines run a complete diagnosis of the entire system to find out malicious files like a virus, spyware, rootkits, trojans, and other malware files. The whole scanning process takes only a few seconds to discover malware.

  • Recovery Tool- Rushes to the virus-infected area of the system and quickly eliminates the malware files before they cause any further damage to the system. 

  • Anti-spam- Malwarebytes Internet Security scans the email section to find out if any email is conveying any malicious attachment so that it can send alerts to the users before they download the attachment and mark the email sender as spam.

  • Web Protection- Scans the URL of the websites and if they are not authenticated with HTTPs protocol, it blocks the loading of those harmful websites as those websites can fetch the users into phishing scams, or can initiate automatic downloads of malicious files or can collect information of users identity. Malwarebytes Internet Security makes internet browsing safer for users while they shop online or make money transactions or visit various websites. 

  • Anti-phishing- Keeps the users' bank and card details hidden also their identity, while one is making purchases or one transaction online. 

  • Ransomware Attacks- Malwarebytes Internet Security keeps the files and other important data of the users in a multilayered security vault protected with passwords, so that ransomware never encrypts them and users may never have to pay gratification money to the hackers. 

  • Vulnerability Detection- The recovery tool is powered by artificial intelligence and behavioral detection, to find out if any application in the system needs updates, or operating in a prying manner by trying to have unauthorized access to the webcam or mic or trying to make security holes by allowing permission to the unknown networks. It quickly finds out the weakness and blocks the permission of those apps. 

  • Firewall- Prevents botnet servers from connecting to the main system via home networks. It also prevents prying networks from monitoring the legal users' internet activity and sneaking into users' privacy via security holes. 

  • Remote device management- Malwarebytes Internet Security allows one user to control the security matters of more than one device from a single virtual cloud desk.

Apart from these useful features, Malwarebytes Internet Security also offers certain benefits like the program also optimizes the system by clearing junk files, as a result, the performance speed of the system gets enhanced, the battery life gets expanded and the devices never faces issues like slowdowns and features. The program is designed to receive the latest updates automatically and works constantly in systems' background to offer real-time protection against zero-day threats.

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