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Posted by Emily Jones on December 8th, 2019

A flower bouquet or banquet is a collection of different flowers in a very unique way. A flower bouquet is one of type of floral arrangement. A bunch of flowers is used to decorate houses and buildings to look at them more beautifully. Events like wedding ceremonies and birthdays are also incomplete without a flower bouquet. Celebrations are just to enjoy the time and make the day more memorable. Sending a flower bouquet to your dearest one is the very warmest way to express your love and affection.

Flower bouquets are arranged in a variety of looks either with the same color theme or different color combos. They also vary in their styles and shapes from round to teardrop, horizontal, and vertical. They are also customized according to events.

Flower Bouquet

History Of Flower Bouquet

Floral arrangements as a gift or decorative article have a long history on Earth. Flowers were firstly arranged in a vase as a bouquet in Egypt. Ikebana is an art of flower arrangement that came from Japan. It was presented in the 7th century but still in practices.

In china, cut flowers were used in a much-planned manner because they believed that the life of flowers is very scared. In Europe, Dutch was the first painting of art of flower arrangements like a flower bouquet.

Add Beauty And Excitement On Every Occasion

Flowers are the language of the soul. Presenting flowers bouquet on different occasions make it easy for you to convey your message in a very easy way. The best thing about flowers is they show instead of saying. A heart-shaped bouquet of red roses is enough to show your love on Valentine’s day without saying anything. You can wow your loved ones by sending them flower bouquet on their wedding ceremonies, birthdays, Mother’s day, father’s day, Valentine’s Day, rose day, and many more occasions.

The beauty, aroma, and charm of flowers can enhance the level of your love and care. As you know, different flowers have different symbolic meanings. A flower bouquet is a complete gift to show all of your feelings singly. Undoubtedly, flowers are the best way to spread happiness all around. Flowers have the power of inspiring everyone.

Different types of flower bouquet

The flower bouquet is must be a priceless and precious gift for nature lovers. The freshness of flowers with either the same or different color arrangements is an ancient mood uplifter and soul enhancer. When you decide to choose a flower bouquet for your family member or a friend or other occasion, there are so many options and varieties that you can pick.

  1. Nosegay Bouquets

Nosegay bouquet is one of the most popular wedding bouquets. They are generally very small and compact bouquets. This bouquet is usually made by different flowers in a very unique and tight manner. They consist of the same length flowers bind with a simple wire or a silk ribbon. These are round in shape and have green leaves to enhance their look and meaning.

  1. Shower bouquet

A shower bouquet is a long flower arrangement that was first held by Princess Diana on her wedding ceremony. This bouquet is composed of different elegant flowers like hydrangeas, lilies, orchids, roses, and gardenias. The shower bouquet/upturned bouquet is 2kg in weight.

  1. Fan Bouquet

The fan-shaped bouquet is very popular in tropical or Asian theme weddings. Flowers and leaves are arranged in a manner that they look like a close hand fan. This kind of flower bouquet is more popular in Japan and Chinese weddings.

  1. Cascade/ Waterfall Bouquets

The waterfall bouquet needs no introduction as its name shows. This cascade look is generated by mixing of beautiful flowers, long sprawling vines, and wrapping leaves. Cascade bouquets are the best options for your casual, themed, or high profile marriage ceremonies. Its teardrop shape can aid in the beauty of the wedding gown. This beautiful and vast bouquet is generally made in hand-tied style, tightening with ribbons, floral foams, and can also fix in an artificial bouquet holder to make it easy to hold. 

This bouquet is mainly made by both light and sharp colors such as garden roses, a bunch of daffodils, etc.

  1. Posy Bouquets

Posy bouquets are traditional and classy wedding bouquets. This round bouquet features small and plump flowers arranged with a small stalk covered with ribbon. Several spools of ribbons also added to the bouquet. This simple bouquet is a perfect bouquet for bridal that has already worn a heavy gown or accessories. Peonies and ranunculus are the best choices for this kind of bouquets.

  1. Round Bouquets

Round bouquets are a very simple and casual form of flower arrangements. These bouquets have an overall round shape with variable colors and sizes. These small and hand-tied bouquets are the best gift for birthdays and casual events.  

  1. Composite Bouquets

A series of blooms, petals, and small buds are arranged in a very unique and customized style to give a single and giant flower-like look to the bouquet with several smaller flowers. Composite bouquets give off a very enduring and elegant look that completes an extraordinary look of bridal.

  1. Hand-Tied Bouquets

As its name shows, it is a small bouquet composed of long stalk flowers tied together with a simple wire and silk ribbon.  A Posy bouquet is a kind of hand-tied bouquet. You can easily make it at your home.

     Online Delivery Of Flower Bouquet

Flowers have the power to cherish the bond. If you are going to a birthday party? Or an engagement ceremony? An alluring floral bouquet is a perfect gift. Many online floral sites offer different beautiful flower bouquets for your special days. You can easily pick any desire floral bouquet online.

Just visit the site, place your desire order, select the payment method like cash on delivery or online payment, and get your parcel at your doorstep with no difficulty. Online florists are grooming day by day in offering a vast range of products of flower bouquet along with cakes, chocolates, greeting cards, stuff toys, red vines, and many more to make your day memorable and extra-loving.

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