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Since the 1970s, there has been an increase in the cost of private health insurance. The Canadian government pays about 70% of the healthcare cost. Several services are not covered by the public plan, examples include medications, corrective lenses, home care, etc. So, Canadians have to pay for the remaining 30% themselves. Read on to learn more about getting supplemental Alberta health insurance.

Why Private Insurance is Important

AHCIP (Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan) is not enough. It covers services that are considered to be medically necessary in the province but several other services are not covered by AHCIP.

For instance, AHCIP does not cover the following services: eyeglasses, routine dental services and specialty services such as physiotherapy services, massage therapy, etc.

How to Access Individual Insurance

Individual insurance, also known as personal and family health insurance, offers more benefits than provincial insurance.

For instance, if you need specialized services, dental, and vision care, durable medical equipment coverage, upgraded private or semi-private hospital rooms, ground and air ambulance transportation, you need to get an individual plan.

People who have a pre-existing medical condition may have difficulty accessing health insurance in Canada. This is where guaranteed issue health insurance comes in. Unlike medically underwritten plans, guaranteed issue plans do not require any medical exams or health questions. Click here to learn more.

How to Compare Insurance Providers in Alberta

There are many health insurance providers in Alberta and every insurer has their own plans and benefits. Before choosing a private insurance plan, you need to make some comparisons with respect to the values, features, and costs.

This can be done through the insurer’s website or through some comparison sites. Comparing Alberta health insurance through comparison sites is a more effective way to go since it allows you to run comparison across several insurers at the same time. This will help you to make a comparison on the same ground rather than comparing apples to oranges.

Some of the largest private insurance companies in Alberta include Manulife, Alberta Blue Cross, Green Shield Canada, etc. You can access several insurance packages and plans from these insurers.

Ready to Begin?

Insurdinary provides an even better way to compare Alberta health insurance. You only have to provide your contact information and the type of insurance you want. Insurdinary will help you to get quotes from the best and largest insurers and also compare top insurance companies around. Visit the Insurdinary blog to learn more.

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