How to Access Guaranteed Health Insurance in Canada

Posted by insur dinary on December 8th, 2019

If you have a pre-existing medical condition and/or are older, you may not access health insurance from a lot of insurers in Canada. Worst still, people who fall into this category need insurance more than others. Rather than disclosing your medical history to an insurance company, you could take out guaranteed health insurance. Read on to find out more.

What is Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance?

As the name implies, you are guaranteed to get a guaranteed health insurance plan when you apply. Unlike medically underwritten plans, guaranteed issue plans do not require any medical exams or blood tests.

Also known as no-medical plan, guaranteed plans may have lower payouts and higher premiums. However, before taking out guaranteed insurance, make sure you ask some basic questions. You need to find out the maximum coverage amount, services covered by the plan, etc.

Research Various Policies

Insurance policies may vary in various aspects. For instance, while some insurers may provide coverage up to 0,000, some others may cover just ,000.

It is usually better to go for a plan with a higher maximum if you need more coverage. Some insurance companies may provide different services in vision and dental care and the cost of insurance may also vary remarkably.

You don’t want to go for an overly expensive coverage or an insurance coverage whose premium might rise unexpectedly. Researching the options and shopping around will help you to get the best insurance plans easily. Click here to learn more.

Applying for Guaranteed Health Insurance

Before applying for a guaranteed issue plan, make sure you are eligible for the plan. For instance, some plans only cover people of a certain age, some other plans may require you to live full-time in Canada to be covered.

Also, consider the number of people the plan can hold. Some plans may only cover individuals while others will cover a family. Depending on the insurance provider, you may also be able to customize the plan. For instance, it may be possible to have a plan that covers only prescription drugs and dental expenses but does not cover vision care.

No matter the plan you choose to go with, make sure you choose an insurance company with a good reputation.

Ready to Begin?

Most Canadians have difficulty in choosing the right insurance plan. Interestingly, you can make use of Insurdinary’s simple search tools to compare insurance quotes and find an insurance agent. Working with an insurance agent can help you to choose the right coverage that will give you the best value for your money. Visit the Insurdinary blog to learn more about guaranteed health insurance.

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