Makeup Tips For Beginners To Be Beautiful And Clear As A Professional

Posted by Sealectric on December 8th, 2019

Is a newbie who just learn to make up, it's not that she can't create perfection for herself. If girls know how to do makeup in the right order What should be done first? And what should be done with the back Let's have a look at these tips. That will add facial complexion to a young woman to make up her own face without having to worry Ensure beautiful and confident Definitely do not want as you think

Start to nourish the skin first
This step is considered to be the first heart before applying makeup. Due to nourishing the face before every make-up Will help make the skin healthy and moisturised And also protects the skin from breakage after using cosmetics that contain chemical ingredients as well Therefore, before adding beauty to yourself Then should apply an effective moisturizer Do it every time before makeup. In which this method is even more effective For women with dry skin as well Because it helps prevent facial skin from becoming flaky and cracks Importantly, it also helps to blend the foundation easily. Is a skin preparation that is not to be overlooked for young women, helping to increase the ease of skin smoothness naturally as needed.

Apply cosmetics in the correct order
After applying the skin cream Followed by a suitable area. Choose the shade that best suits your skin. Then spread over the face If feeling that the foundation is still unable to conceal wrinkles Or acne marks Then can use concealer To blend to the point that needs to be covered more specifically But should not be too thick This will help the face look smoother and more radiant. Don't forget to order the steps appropriately according to our recommendations. After these steps are done, draw the eyebrows by drawing the outline first and apply the color on the eyebrows that are light or dark, mainly looking at the color of the hair. Don't forget to fill your lips with lipstick to brighten up. Choose the color tone that matches the skin color Do not have to be too bold, because the girls are new to the make-up, not too much.

Shiny nails that are nicely maintained are probably the benchmark to get a wonderful manicure. Regardless, we will want to measure out of crème formulas and glossy colour changing Constructores semipermanentes to embrace some thing cuter and darker.

Slap with flour to reduce oiliness. And increase confidence
The final step of make-up is as important as any other step, which is to apply puff powder or choose loose powder as appropriate. Apply the powder as a final step to make the cosmetics look smooth and natural. It also helps to reduce the oiliness that may occur during the day. But do not forget to use puff powder or brush to rub directly onto the face But use the slap method! In order to prevent the foundation and cream from coming out to become stains that follow.


Just a few simple steps These also add to the natural beauty charm. That newbies can do without difficulty as you think Regardless of how often people meet Then do not have to worry about the face that looks dull any more Because these foundations will brighten up your girls Look more beautiful without flawless like a professional.

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