Muscle Building: What Is The Best Weight Training Program?

Posted by Gunsmith Fitness on December 8th, 2019

Knowing your goals will help you plan a weight training program that helps you to build muscle fast. High loads (heavyweight) and a small number of reps are perfect for building brute strength.

To advance your fitness and endurance, use smaller weights and many repetitions. If you can only do about eight to eleven repetitions at a given weight, you have picked the perfect weight to build muscle. Know what you want to achieve before you begin a weight training program.

The idea behind a good weight training program is to gain muscle without contributing to the fat. Some things to remember when you are in the planning stages of your own program include such things as developing a fitness program that is consistent.

Your workout routine should be on a regular schedule, not here and there whenever you feel like working out.

Another thing is not to zip right into a weight training program. Bad idea. You need to get your body used to what is ahead with its program, so you should tease your body a little bit with just the right amount and type of warming up exercises, like light aerobics. Maybe a little brisk walking or rapid jogging for a few minutes, to loosen up those muscles and joints.

Unless, of course, you'd like to invite injuries to come to join you in your weight training program.

If you are just starting out it may take a gym session to evaluate your starting weights. You don't want your first day do be your last for a while so carefully choose your starting weight.

How you determine the exact weight for each exercise and the number of reps for your weight training program depends on your current muscle size and strength and what you're trying to achieve. If you can just barely finish the last rep you're in the ballpark.

Suppose your desire is to build muscle fast and develop muscle mass. You haven't worked out in decades and it's hard to lift a gallon of milk ten times. Try a ten-pound weight for a bicep curl. How tired is your muscle at the end of your set?

Do you still have energy? If you can barely finish five, lower the weight. You want to totally fatigue your muscle so there's nothing left at your specified rep count.

Here's how that works. Your body is very adaptable and it has its current limits. If you push yourself to lift ten pounds, you will be able to lift ten pounds. Your body adapts to what it is given to deal with. It won't build more muscle if it doesn't need to. Lift more weight than your briefcase and your muscles will grow. Your body will change by adding the muscle it needs to manage that weight increase.

It needs more muscle to lift the weight. Your weight training program allows your body to meet the new demands. To build muscle fast increase the weight in your weight training program. Avoid injury at all costs. Injury can really delay progress.

To have success using any weight training program you need to know your goals. You need a plan tailored to your specific goals, whether they be fitness and endurance, strength, or building muscle fast.

A weight training program to build muscle fast will have you tanking out after about seven to ten reps. Increase the weight when you can finish the set without fatigue.

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