The Importance of Teaching Business Knowledge to Children

Posted by rini on December 9th, 2019

Introducing the world of business to a child as a child can be a provision for the future. Maybe your child wants to become a successful businessman as an adult.

After all, business is profitable. Your child can quit their own money and open up employment opportunities for many people.

Teach Children Business Science, Is It Important?

The world of business to a child is important. Childhood is a period where children easily absorb various knowledge sent by people around them. As a representation, you have a big role in developing children's understanding as a provision for their future success. Many borrowed who only moved to the education of children received at school. And there are many sciences that are considered unnecessary, such as finance and business.

However, simultaneously, they asked their children to have entrepreneurial talent. The news was approved, it turns out you can train your fruit business soul delivered simply. The earlier you talk about it, the more things your child can understand about things related to the business world.

How to do it? Here is the discussion! 

The Way to Teach Children Business Knowledge 

Teach Children Understand the Value of Money

Young children only know about the money used to buy goods. However, they have not yet determined the value of money.

For that, try to explain about the rupiah currency, ranging from Rp100 coins to Rp100 thousand banknotes so that he knows the price of each money. Then, you can give a dime to help him count.

Allow Children to Have Their Own Business Ideas

The age of children is the age where their creativity and creativity develop very well. Every child has their own unique and creative ideas, including your child.

When your child presents an idea that suits their interests and wants them to be organized, give them the freedom to develop it. This free space you receive will make your child's creativity grow.

Teach children to have goals

Having a clear goal is the basic capital that a businessman must-have. Without clear goals, a business person will have difficulty developing his business to grow.

After discovering what interests your child, you can help children to find and have goals that they want to achieve. You can ask your child to write down the goals they have and then ask them to stick them to the wall of the room.

Teach Your Children to Make Targets

Being an entrepreneur must begin with having a vision. Your child can learn to make targets since childhood so that he becomes a person who always has a plan for his life. Just start with simple things. Like asking the target amount of savings in the piggy bank. Then, teach him how to save well so that his savings quickly become large.

In addition to business knowledge, equip children with financial knowledge!

In addition to the world of business to a child, it is important to provide an understanding of saving and financial management.

In a simple way, you can teach your children how to manage their money. For example, when they want to buy toys, you can ask them to buy with the money they have. If the money is not enough, then you can teach your child to choose one of the choices they have, and put back the toys that they did not buy into place. In this way, children will understand that to buy something, they must collect a certain amount of money first.

In addition, you can also teach your child to value money more and not spend too much on it. You can ask your child to record every money you give and every money he spends to buy things in a special book. Then, ask him to report it regularly. Educating children about business through bookkeeping can train children to manage finances. This is also a way to monitor the use of the money you give.

Well, that's the way to introduce the world of business to a child since he was a child. Easy to practice, right? So, try to teach him from now on as a provision for his future.

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