The Rise in Wooden Handicraft Export from India

Posted by Nurture India on December 9th, 2019

A handicraft is something where useful or decorative items are made completely by the use of hands or by using simple tools. It requires human skills and artistic talents to make handicrafts. Wooden handicrafts involve skilled labors who use wood to decorate or carve items.India has been one of the prime manufactures of wooden handicrafts. Handicraft Export From India has been on the rise and there has been a huge increase in the number of Wooden Handicraft Exporters in India.

The Unique manufacturing style in India

India, being a land of rich and varied culture and tradition holds a prominent place in handicraft export.Handicrafts have been an integral part of India since the Indus Valley Civilization. Since then, Handicraft Export From India has been on the rise. The skilled labor in India makes unique handicrafts from wood among others. The extraordinary skills of Indian labor have given way to more wooden handicraft exporters in India.The export policies in Indiaoffering incentives have only added to this. No wonder thus that the handicraft industry is flourishing well.
Types of Wooden Handicraft Items

As the kitchenis an integral part of our homes,it must have the perfect kitchen wares. The variety of wooden wares available at the market makes this possible.Nurture India, one of themost famous and prominent wooden handicraft exporters in Indiaprovides a wide range of kitchenware and home décor items sourced from the best artisans and craftsmen across the country. Some of the wooden handicrafts designed and marketed by NurtureIndiainclude bowls, cake stands, candle stands, mugs and coasters, chopping boards,tissue holders among others.The quality, finish, and durability of the product makeNurture India an important Wooden Handicraft Exporter in India.

The demand for wooden handicrafts worldwide and why this change

Global warming, the prime concern worldwide is mainly due to the use of plastics. The amount of time a small piece of plastic takes to decompose islonger when compared to other materials. The use of plasticware is most common in Kitchen and home décor. People are now starting to own the responsibility for global warming and the awareness is now spreading everywhere. As a result, people have now started substituting plastic products with other materials including wood and paper. Not just at homes, but even in restaurants andhotels worldwide, people have started using wooden products for room décor and kitchen wares.

This increasing demand for wooden handicrafts has made way for increased handicraft export from India.The abundant skilled labor in India and the huge demand worldwide has resulted in manywooden handicraft exporters in India. Among the many Wooden Handicraft Exporters in India is Nurture India, a prominent entity, famous for handicraft export in India.

Apart from being environment friendly, the Wooden Home Decor India also have a very long shelf life and are most robust against wear and tear. Add to it the fact that they look beautiful and classy as well. You need to see how elegant your dining table can become by just adding a simple candle stand.
Benefits of Wooden Handicrafts

There are several benefits of using these beautifully handcrafted wooden beauties in your home and kitchen. These include:
•    Wooden kitchenware like spoons, trays, and others. They don’t release any form of chemicals unlike plastic or any metal, hence a healthier option
•    These wooden products have greater sustainability.
•    The wooden handicrafts have unique designs hence giving an exclusive look.
•    These wooden wares are easy to carry and use.
•    Wooden kitchen wares used for storage gives longevity to the products.
•    Wooden home décor can be placed without the fear of breakage.
•    They are multi-use products which can be used as functional pieces and for décor as well

People all over the world are now using theseeco-friendly options and hence the rise of Wooden Handicraft Items
especially the rise in wooden handicraft exporters in India.
Why Nurture India?

There may be several handicraft manufacturers in India who export their products all over the globe. But what makes Nurture India special is the exquisite and unique designs that are not only beautiful but functional too. This women-led team prides in using only sustainably sourced wood. Enjoy the finer things in life with these intricately designed woodenware. One look at the Nurture India website is enough to make you go wow. Buy it for your home or for gifting to special people in your life, Nurture India promises to deliver them for you to any part of the world. Time to go shopping.

You can reach Nurture India at +91-8447355393or+91-9818971101 or by emailing at

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