Operation of a telescopic pole chainsaw

Posted by john kabir on December 9th, 2019

Despite being a fairly complete system or equipment, it is good to note that its use is very simple because its implementation does not require any sophisticated preparation, here you can see how it works. 

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Provide the engine with its power source, either using fuel, batteries or electricity supply.

Calibrate the extension of the telescopic pole depending on the height or distance where you want to reach.

Turn on the saw using its switch.

In most cases, it requires the use of harnesses that serve to allow users to move the machine from one place to another with greater comfort and achieve greater cutting accuracy.

Direct saw a short distance from the elements to be cut.

Press the trigger and throttle until the saw reaches the desired or necessary speed for the job.

Place the saw on the elements to be cut, and slide gently if necessary until the desired cut is achieved.

The telescopic pole hedge trimmer

The telescopic pole hedge trimmer is very similar to the telescopic pole chainsaw only because its specialty is hedged. | Photo: NikD51 / Depositphotos.com

Conservation and cleaning of a telescopic pole chainsaw

To increase the useful life of this precision cutting equipment, it is necessary to take into account several elements, in turn, to provide them with the proper maintenance and cleaning, here are several of these factors.

Do not use excessive force when cutting thick branches, since the saw is designed so that users do not apply much force at the time of work.

Release the trigger and throttle in prudent periods and every time a cut is achieved, forcing less the engine and mechanism in general.

Use the saw only for cutting vegetation and not other materials that could damage it.

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