WOW players are very dissatisfied with the unchanged honor system

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on December 9th, 2019

WOW players are very dissatisfied with the unchanged honor system

As we all know, Blizzard Entertainment recently launched a new version of World of Warcraft classic players, which includes an improved PVP combat system and honor system. With the upgrade of World of Warcraft Classic, with the release of Classic World of Warcraft, many players want the experience to be the same as when it was originally released. But to their disappointment, all this was not as expected.

Not only that, everything that was originally expected was lost. The game's sociality has almost disappeared, and now everyone wants to minimize everything in the game. Players are no longer hopeful about this. In the server of Warcraft Classic, a considerable part of the players are not very evenly distributed. Some leagues have many more players than the current tribe. Therefore, these strong players regularly harassed and ransacked a small number of players. In order to get the honor points needed every week.

When this small group of players was conservatively tortured and miserable, they chose to exit the server and shut down the game completely. Other players left because the victim had no activity to do after leaving. These players were very keen to get WOW Classic Gold at the lowest cost, and later they bought a lot of cheap World of Warcraft Classic Gold at the base price on ZZWOW. This allows them to make rapid progress in the game.

In the eyes of those old players, the retail version of World of Warcraft is no longer the old game. The way players play games has changed dramatically from the past. People no longer play games like they did in 2003. The method has improved; the content has been explored; the most important thing now is efficiency. The entire honor system and PvP system of World of Warcraft in 2003 were not suitable for modern game environments; it is outdated and inefficient. I have also bought many World of Warcraft currency and props in The low price is the reason why I am very excited about it. The fast delivery speed makes me unable to refuse. I like it so much!

In Vanilla World of Warcraft, the social sandbox is the game itself. Players often chat without doing anything, do some random activities with guild members, and duel in front of the capital. But this is the world in 2004. But look at everything that has changed dramatically now.

Most of the current classic players are tired of the World of Warcraft retail version, want to experience some new things, but the grief of a faction or other factions to achieve a large number of weekly honor killing is slowly killing classic World of Warcraft.

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