Why is Colors Kannada gaining popularity?

Posted by Mukti Soman on December 9th, 2019

Television enjoys a very important position in an Indian household. It can be considered to be the sole means of entertainment that the entire family can enjoy at the same time. In Indian homes, the television is usually placed at the centre of the living room and all the furniture is directed towards it. The various programmes aired on television play a role in shaping the routine of the family. If majority members of the family love watching a programme, they would not have dinner or do any household chore until it is over. There are a few families in which television is also a dinner time companion. The entire family watches television together while having their dinner. Moreover, people also indulge in various discussions about the television programmes that they watch in offices, colleges and homes. All these factors make television the best family entertainment in the Indian household. This is why media companies tend to produce as many family entertainers as they can.

The position of Indian television as a family entertainer is further reinforced by the fact that Hindi entertainment is the dominant genre of Indian television. The general entertainment channels mainly air soap operas, situational comedies and talent based reality shows. Hindi has unofficially become the national language of Indian television and the Hindi channels are termed as national channels. Since the last few years, however, there has been a tremendous growth in the domain of general entertainment channels in regional languages. In fact, the market of regional entertainmentis becoming quite huge in India with a large number of regional channels in almost all major languages of the country. In a few states, the regional channels of popular media companies such as Viacom 18 are more popular than the general Hindi channels. This is a very good trend as it has opened up competition in the regional entertainment genre, which has eventually helped in the improvement of content.

The latest entrant in the genre of regional entertainment channels is probably Colors Kannada. Viacom 18 introduced the viewers of Karnataka to Colors Kannada after observing the need for a quality general entertainment channel for the family viewers.Within a few months, it gained huge popularity in Karnataka. Last year, it also started the popular reality show Big Boss in Kannada. Today, Colors Kannada is the most popular channel in Karnataka as there are very few people who are interested in Hindi channels in this state.

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