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Posted by jennythomas9000 on December 9th, 2019

Obedience to someone else, be it your beloved parents or teachers, will not be easy with any person. We believe that elders may be exempt from obedience, but they are unfairly subjected as younger to obedience. Some even feel elders are only just enjoying a power and authority over them just for the sake of it.

Better understanding

When you develop better understanding about others, be they your parents, teachers or some other in an elderly position, you feel less worried about obeying them. Hence you should consciously develop a mind to understand others. If you feel confused or otherwise regarding something they ask you to do, you should politely intimate them about what you feel. Then they will explain it and you develop a better understanding about them and what they asked you to do.

To cite a situation; you are feeling it difficult to complete your assignments and your parents or teachers ask you to get online help, to say, from a site that offers assignment help online. But this you feel reluctant to obey basically because you are not sure how it would help you if you make someone else do what you should. You should not keep this to yourself and must intimate what you feel to your parents and teachers. Then they will communicate the positives you gain by getting help from a site that offers assignment writing help, like positive utilisation of technology, developing erudition and better writing skills, saving time etc. This will help you understand and you will obey them and start feeling more confident about them regarding your matters.


A condition to follow will provide you with a situation to communicate favorably with your teachers. This will only happen if you show an attitude to communicate back what you feel. You get an assignment back from My Assignment Help and some points they have made are beyond your comprehension. If it is your teacher who asked you to get All Assignment Help you feel less confident about the teacher. But if you can intimate the matter to your teacher you might get good explanation for the point you found difficult comprehending and you are in good spirits about your teacher. Hence you should understand that obedience is not just blindly doing what you are asked and feeling morose about it. Only if you use a situation to obey, also as a situation to positively interact with your parents or teachers, only then is that you are obeying with a good mind. Only time will tell whether these Assignment Help Service Providers are a boon or threat to the current and future generation of students, but for now, the sector is expected to grow exponentially in coming years.


Even though there are some qualities that a student is expected to develop it is with respect to obedience that most students suffer. This is because of the apprehensions about others and how they might know what is good for you. How to develop a better frame of mind regarding obedience?

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