What to look for in an authentic Canadian pharmacy?

Posted by adairsawyer on November 25th, 2011

The problem with a Canadian pharmacy online is that sometime you don’t know the right from the wrong. Because of fake Canadian pharmacies, FDA and Big Pharma have been able to scare off enough Americans and make them buy their medicines from American pharmacies. It is true that a Canada pharmacy helps you save a lot of money but it is also important to know that you stand to lose a lot of money if you deal with a fake website.

Imagine this – you visit a Canadian pharmacy and it looks perfectly authentic. You place your order with this Canada pharmacy and make the payment through your credit card. You suddenly realize that your package is being delayed. As you try and contact the website there is no way you can get in touch with them. Your money is lost forever. Another deadlier situation is where you fall ill consuming the medicines shipped to you. Upon investigation, you come to know that the medicines are fake. You lose money on the medicine and also spend money getting treated.

Go to any Canadian pharmacy online and they will tell you that they are the best among all. The problem is that many a Canada pharmacy looks absolutely genuine at first glance. So, how do you deduce that you are dealing with an authentic website and not a fake one?

A professional Canadian pharmacy looks like a pharmacy website. Its look and feel gives you a positive gut feeling. You realize going through the website that it is different from a normal marketing website. There are the top selling medicines listed on the homepage and so are other useful links like “how to order” and FAQ. You also have the option of subscribing to their newsletter and can also chat with and contact a licensed pharmacist.

The agency that manages every Canadian pharmacy on the web is CIPA or Canadian International Pharmacy Association. CIPA is the only government agency that can accredit a Canada pharmacy that sells medicines online. If a pharmacy is not accredited by CIPA they cannot even get listed in search results when you use Google, Bing or Yahoo! Canada.

Another important agency when it comes to any Canadian pharmacy is PharmacyChecker.com. PharmacyChecker.com also lists every authentic Canada pharmacy online.

When you visit an authentic Canadian pharmacy you get to see both the CIPA and PharmacyChecker.com seals. However, some rogue pharmacies have been lately caught using these seals when they are not licensed. To counter this problem you should check for a Canada pharmacy directly in the CIPA and PharmacyChecker.com websites. If you find them listed in these websites you know that they are for real.

If you spend some time doing just these couple of researches there is no way you will be duped by a fake Canadian pharmacy. There are many Canadian pharmacies that sell genuine medicines and you just need to get used to dealing with one or two of them. Find out a genuine Canada pharmacy online and you will save a lot of money on medicines.

Since every Canadian pharmacy proclaims that it is valid it is important that you know how to identify an authentic one. There are some vital signs of any authentic Canada pharmacy that you should be able to spot.

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