3M Car Tint for Improving Your Carís Safety and Energy Efficiency

Posted by Amrit Mirpuri on December 9th, 2019

Car tinting is an essential step in increasing the safety, security, comfort, and energy efficiency of vehicles. The window films industry has always been big in tropical countries like the Philippines, but it is even more exciting these days, thanks to new technologies. Compared to tints that you know before, modern tints are way more effective in providing protection as they are made with new materials and advanced science.

One of the most remarkable brands that have always been at the forefront of tinting technology is 3M car tint. It offers different solutions to suit all kinds of needs and requirements. From the Black Chrome Series to the Crystalline to the Security Series, there’s a lot to choose from. Each may appear different, but they all share the same benefits of improving car safety, UV protection, and energy efficiency.

Improves the durability and strength of your car windows

Applying 3M car tint is a great way to make your glass windows shatter-proof. The normal factory fitted windows in many vehicles easily shatter at the time of a collision. If someone tries to break in your car, they can just simply hit the window and get in. But with 3M tints providing an extra layer of protection, this won't be easy. These films stick strongly on the glass windows, helping them withstand a blow or impact. In fact, they can also hold shattered pieces of glasses together, thus reducing the risk of injuries in case of collision.

Rejects heat or solar energy

All 3M tints are designed to reject solar energy from the sun to keep your car cool, but they vary in terms of how much solar energy they reject. Nevertheless, these tints can effectively minimize heat absorption or build-up in your glass windows and keep your car's interior at a cool and even temperature.

Lessens your environmental footprint

Car tinting indirectly impacts your car's energy efficiency and fuel consumption in a positive way. Because they reject heat and keep your car cool, your engine doesn't have to work double to run the air conditioning at the coolest temperature. Consequently, your engine doesn't have to consume as much fuel. This ultimately saves you money and helps you reduce your environmental footprint.

Adds protective barriers against harmful UV rays

3M tints do look really thin, but they are actually made of a hundred and more layers that filter and block heat and UV rays. They can prevent up to 99% of UV rays from entering through the windows. They help you protect the interior such as the seat upholstery and of course, your eyes and skin.

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