How to Have an Efficient Office Layout in 2019

Posted by Neeraj Singh on December 9th, 2019

Millennials, nowadays, are driven by inspiration and innovation that they find in their office space. For this reason, office interior designing in India is experiencing a revolution of sorts wherein the focus is shifting on providing a welcoming atmosphere to the employees. However, putting in the hard work and detailing that goes into office designing is a challenging task for organisations. These organisations can benefit immensely by hiring reputed interior designers of their city for this purpose. From MEP services such as mechanical engineering, plumbing, wiring, etc. to laying out the entire look of an office, an interior designing company’s expertise can ease the process for an organisation drastically.

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Alongside this, some aspects of an office layout are essential to keep in mind while getting an interior design ready. Mentioned below are 5 of the most crucial aspects to remember: 

1. Have a Theme

Deciding a theme is one of the most important aspects of office designing as the employees’ entire mindset and energy depends on it. It has been observed in the last decade that offices with bright colours, open spaces, and a clean layout bring out the best in the employees as these elements directly affect their drive to work hard. Hence, planning out a theme that aligns with the organisation’s voice should be considered as the first step for office interior designing.

 2. Designate Special Zones 

Proper planning is required when it comes to defining various spaces within an office such as floor-wise allotment of different departments, conference rooms, coffee-break area, recreational/activity room and the like. Besides this, choosing between an open office space where co-workers sit in wide open spaces or traditional private cabins should be done according to the discernment of the management. 

3. Innovate on Workstations

In modern times, employee workstations have gone through an evolution wherein simply putting a desk and a chair doesn’t offer the same zeal to work like it used to. This is because the concept has been so overused that employees now expect a workstation which keeps them charged up at all times. For this reason, ergonomic workstations that allow employees
to adjust their sitting or standing work position according to their comfort have become very popular in the country.  

4. Bring in Nature

Another trending office interior design tip which is being incorporated in India is the inclusion of nature within the office layout. With an experienced interior designer that offers the best MEP services for an office including natural elements such as mini waterfalls from recyclable water, indoor plants, and larger windows for sunlight exposure should be a priority as well. With these elements, employees tend to feel connected to nature, which further leads to creativity and innovation in their work. 

5. Focus on Transparency 

Isolation has become a menace for office culture and preventing it with a transparent office layout can be useful for all organisations in the country. Installation of walls and doors made of glass can improve the team spirit among employees as they get to see each while working. This not only boosts their morale but also ensures that people are at their best behaviour as every activity can be observed. Thus, transparency offers a number of benefits for an office with which employees as well as employers can easily stay connected to each other.

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