Correct Way To Exercise To Lose Weight

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"Losing weight" the most popular sentence. The girls now, people around us, whether plump or even looking slim, are all "losing weight" using various assorted methods. Until I don't know which one is good And some methods seem too dangerous. Therefore want to relieve the doubt by listening to advice about. The most accurate and quick way to exercise to lose weight. From the real doctor, so it's better to give up on one's self.

Example of a 6-day exercise schedule per week
Day 1: Chest-shoulders-back arms 2 muscles in each pose, 10-12 times per pose, 3 sets per position
Day 2: Leg and abdomen training, 2 muscles, each post 10-12 times, 3 sets per position
Day 3 Stay with a cardio for 40-60 minutes.
Day 4, back and front, arms tied, 2 muscles per pose 10-12 times, 3 sets per position
Day 5: Repeat the muscles that you think are lacking again. If you want to focus on any part, choose to play the magic in that part by doing 10-12 times, 3 sets per position and 45-60 minutes cardio.
Day 6 Stay with a cardio for 40-60 minutes.
Day 7 rest

It is time we all start taking responsibility for ourselves and take our health a lot more severely. Far far too many men and women are perishing because of obesity related diseases. It has to prevent. Listed below are 4 quite health and exercise hints we should all start living by. Going here: for more information.

For cardio of people who want to lose weight and fat, there are options to choose from: If choosing a high intensity cardio activity Take less time, such as HIIT, doing 30 minutes every other day or 2 days, or if choosing cardio activities At medium intensity by jogging, running slowly, alternating fast, or biking, do 40-60 minutes continuously

Effective exercise requires a rest day.
Rest, stop, exercise And sleep Considered equally important Because it will be the time that allows the body, systems, tissues and muscles to recover Repair the wear and tear The length of the rest depends on the strength of the body. Each person does not think that going out a lot, taking a little rest and will reduce sooner. But the end result may be the opposite May cause injury and harmful to the body. Good, not losing weight and causing discouragement And finally gave up.

How much rest is enough?
Stop exercising Or specifying that rest day Depending on many factors, the intensity of exercise The strength of each person Is enough rest or sleep? And the weight of the activities performed on that day Which, if really taken Our body has an alarm system. Listen to the body that sends the signal. That if tired Very tired, rest for 1-2 days. If there are minor injuries, rest for 4-5 days and then check back for fitness again. Or if healthy, find rest days every 2 days of exercise For people with intense goals May schedule a light cardio on the rest day.


In addition, do not force yourself to exercise when the body is not ready, such as on a hard day's work, tired, lack of sleep, lack of sleep, illness, discomfort or injury. Because aside from being potentially dangerous It is also an indirect physical abuse as well.

Exercise can be any benefit.
Exercise is useful. Just choose the target that matches you. Then do it consistently No need to compete with anyone Let us think that we are our own competitors, overcome our hearts, overcome laziness, and go to exercise, gradually increasing the amount of activity, intensity, duration and number of days to exercise depending on the strength of the body. If you don't have time to exercise, try to spare at least 1 day instead of not doing it at all or trying to be more active in your daily life. Don't overdo it. You don't have to do it excessively. That fits snugly and best with our liftstyle.

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